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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Great Migration Giveaway

It's been one really good birding season for us as we watched different birds build nests & raise their young in our yard. There were Eastern Bluebirds, a nest of robins, and recently, another nesting family that we could easily watch. We had just started picking pears, about three weeks ago, when we discovered a pair of a different kind hidden among the pears. Baby Mourning Doves.
We’re nearing the end of summer, now, so it will soon be time for some of the birds to migrate to warmer regions for the winter months. A trio of my recent sewing projects will be migrating, too, from my nest to a trio of new nests. There will be a different recipient chosen for each item in this giveaway. Here they are:
First is a Paper Bag Tote. (Sorry, no tutorial.)
Second is a circular/dpn needle case all tied up with double-faced satin ribbon. (rolled up view)
Unrolled view of the same needle case.Third is a six-pocket needle case that I made from Vickie Howell's Gift Wrap pattern.
Here's the rolled-up view.
And an unrolled view of the same needle case showing off the Eastern songbirds fabric. I think these li'l peeps want to spend some time in your knitting basket. :) Here's how to enter the Great Migration Giveaway:
a. Leave a comment saying howdy (Of course, any comment will do, but it's very liberatin' if you could actually say howdy out loud sometime. ;)
b. Do NOT post about this giveaway on your blog. (You know that decreases the odds for you to have one of these birdie things for your very own, right?)
c. All are welcome to enter, old blog friends & new. :)
That's all...chuckles...easy, huh.

Oh, by the way, the method whereby the giveaway recipients will be chosen is in plain view, and yet, it's up to you. No, it doesn't require saying something really cool or entering more than once. Please leave a single comment to enter. That's all. Thanks!
Recipients will be announced by September 5th, the Good Lord willing.
Have some birds, Y'all!


  1. oooh those are really cute! and very creative : ) howdy! hehe i live in texas and i have never heard anyone say that not too often anyway, actually not at all : )

    lc_intocable at

  2. I say "Howdy" all the time.

    How exciting a contest and for prizes I already desire and love. Yay

    My hands are shaking though, they want to add you to my blog, lol

    But I do want to win.

  3. Well Howdy right back at ya!
    What a great giveaway, anything in that adorable bird fabric would be lovely to win!!
    (and I wonder where our dishrag tag box is right now!?!)

  4. Howdy
    my nest is ready to welcome one of your beautiful Bird fabric gifts so please put me in the draw
    hugs Beth

  5. Howdy!
    I ain't a telling nobody! I want to win one of these goodies...okay all of these goodies but I know I can't have everything. :P


    *pouting cuz there's not tutorial*

  6. I love your creativity! I would love to win one of these!

    By the way, I LOVE mourning doves. . . and have never seen a baby one or a nest. That is so neat.

    A couple weeks ago I was walking my dog and came across a pear tree hanging over the street loaded with pears. I thought I would try one to see if it was any good and it was delicious. I plan to ask my neighbor if they are planning to do anything with them. . . hate to see them go to waste!


  7. Howdy! Is there any more sincere greeting? lol

    I've recently started reading your blog and very much enjoy it. To me, there is nothing more comforting than the Smoky Mountains and I plan to migrate there in a few years. It's held my heart since I was a child.

    Great blog!
    Lesley Ann

  8. You crack me up!! I love the birds, reminds me of my grandma, who gave me a great appreciation for them. I would be grateful to win anything from you!!!
    BTW, no one up here (Michigan) knows what "Howdy" means :)except me.

  9. People around here give me enough grief for saying "ya'll" I can't imagine what they'd do if I started saying "Howdy" all the time. he he he

    Anyhow, Howdy....!!!

    By the way I am just loving those pears. Must go buy some next time we go shopping.

  10. Heres a great, big hearty "HOWDY!!!" from me, of course with a western New York accent it sounds a little off.
    Please throw my name in the hat.
    Sue Cahill (sbonetsue at yahoo dot com)

  11. Sigh, I love that birdy fabric. It looks lovely as a tote and in a roll.

  12. Howdy Tea ;) (Here in NE we don't hear that too often)

    You must have a very safe and secure place for all your baby birds! Your newest duo is super cute!

    I can see why you love your bird fabric. You are sweet to have such a generous x3 giveaway!

    Hope your tendinitis is improving...glad it doesn't interfere with your sewing :)

  13. Hello! Howdy! I just came across your blog via Christian Knitting ring. Your pictures on your site are fantastic! I will surley be back!
    We have lots of morning doves. I have never seen their nest. I can hear and see many pretty songbirds out here in the country. I live on a small farm in Northern Illinois.
    I think you did really nice work on all of your different bags. I love the fabric!
    I hope you have time to visit me at my place.

  14. I love the bird fabric you used. It is so nice of you to give away one of the bags you made and the needle cases. The unrolled case looks very much like the one I was going to photograph to show you.

    It's also a pleasant surprise to find a giveaway that wasn't designed just to get a bunch of comments. You're actually doing something for your regular readers. Thanks for thinking of us.

  15. Oh my, it is that pretty birdie fabric that I love so much!! :o) I will be keeping both fingers and toes crossed for this one! Thank you for such a lovely giveaway!! Have a wonderful holiday weekend!



  16. It is me again! I had to say... Your photos of the pears are absolutely beautiful! Wonderful indeed!



    (fingers are crossed - pick me, pick me, pick me, pick me . . .)

  18. I love those sweet little bluebirds and the morning doves are too cute. You are blessed to have these creatures in your yard and be able to follow their progress through the season.

    The pears look delicious (I love pears).

    I hope your arm is feeling a little better and not too painful for you. Take care of yourself.

    (ps: I'm not saying "H " because if I did happen to win, postage would be too expensive to the west coast of Canada and I don't want to inflict that on you. but I do say helloooooo from Richmond BC ^.^

  19. Howdy! :)What a wonderful idea for a contest. I love the bird fabric. We have a bird feeder on our back porch, which has become a heavy traffic area. :) I love watching them. Baby doves! How wonderful!

  20. Oh, how I love canned pears! We had a pear tree at my mom and dad's. One year it was so loaded with fruit we had to prop up all the limbs with big 2x4's so they wouldn't break. That year we had heaps and heaps of canned pears and pear preserves! Oh what a great memory!!

    Your bag and roll are very cute! I love that fabric!

    Be sure to keep an eye on that mourning dove nest. They use the same nest all year and have multiple broods. The mourning doves we had earlier in the summer are back with a new clutch.

  21. Hey Tea,
    Visit my blog, I've nominated you for an award!!

  22. Back again to tell you that I'm on Gold Medal Knitters. I just sent my box on. How fun! It reminded me how much I love knitting and I picked up an abandoned sock. :) Thanks again for telling me about it.

    Go for the Gold!

  23. Well howdy! I just stumbled on to your blog and it's so lovely.

    Thank you for the giveaway - I love those fabrics. :)

  24. Howdy! I would love to win one! Really enjoy reading your blog.

  25. HOWDY!!!! Was that load enough for you... LOL!!!
    What a find amoungst the pears, those doves are so very cute..

    Jodie :)

  26. recovering from a computer crash!
    snooping at your blog again! do I see pear honey in your future?


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