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Friday, September 12, 2008

A Little Un/Finished Business

Hope you're all enjoying these last weeks of summer. I can't wait for fall to tell you the truth! Goodman and I got these turnips (greens, I love the tops) planted this week. Iitty bitty aren't they, but they grow very fast.
Youngest knitted this little tea cozy for my reproduction 18th century teapot. The two sides are sewn at the bottom but not at the top. I added the ties at the top to accommodate the handle on the top of the pot. This one was knit with Sugar & Cream yarn in the variegated Midnight Magic colorway.
You might not remember that I had started this Shells and Fan afghan last last year. I just this week finished the border. I used Wool-Ease yarn in their Chestnut Heather color.
Recently, Melanie and Trish gave me this Arte de Pico blogging award! They're both such great bloggers! I love visiting their blogs and reading all about their adventures in knitting and everyday life. Thanks, Y'all for thinking of me! Now, I'm passing it on to YOU! Yes, all my blogging friends are deserving of this award...probably more than me. I enjoy your blogs much more than my own so, please, go ahead & take a copy for yourself!

Suzanne gave me with this blogging award just last week! Ain't she sweet!
(Go Cotton Queens! Suzanne & I are on the same team & she gets the DRT box next!)
And now, since I love all the blogs I visit I'm passing this lovely award on to YOU! Please take a copy for your own blog. Thanks! Have a great week, Y'all!


  1. Turnips....yummmm! I love 'em!
    Cute tea cozy and that teapot is awesome.
    Your shawl turned out lovely...of course. I really like that color.
    Thanks for the nice are absolutely one of my favorite bloggers. Love ya! Thanks for the award!

  2. Beautiful tea cozy and shawl! You are one talented family!

    I love my needle case that I received from you, along with the extra "bonus" items!

  3. Yes, the Tea cozy is certainly amazing. Very stylish teapot all decked out :) Love your shawl!!

    Just to let you know I will be posting the pattern for the circle cloth as soon as I get a chance. Life sure has been hectic for me lately :)

    Have a wonderful weekend :)

  4. I love the tea cozy. The colors are amazing. I'll have to look for that colorway next time I shop for some sugar and cream.
    I have never had turnip greens before. I have heard that it's very tasty.

  5. Oop's I forgot to tell you how much I like your shawl. Beautiful color! Nice work. I'm sure it took a long time!

  6. So, when you harvest them, turnip out is fair play, right?

  7. Love the colors of the tea cozy - I'll have to pick up that colorway myself.

    The shawl is beautiful!

    I wanted to thank you for my package! The songbird bag is now the home of my Liesel scarf I'm working on. It is the most perfect size for the project! I did indeed think the soap was a edible treat when I first saw it. It smells incredible good and looks great! You are so talented! Can't wait to get some photos up on my blog, but wanted to thank you now!!


  8. Oh and I forgot to request something - could you post your greens recipe??

  9. I like collard greens better than turnip greens, so I will not be raiding your turnip patch! However, that brown afghan could "turn up"
    missing- I know someone who has a brown sofa in her den- hehehe

  10. Wow, your youngest did a great job on that tea cozy, and the afghan is absolutely beautiful. "Great Job"

  11. Hey there!!!

    I've got the box and you are next! You can email me -

    woo hoo!

  12. What a pretty tea cozy. I definitely like the colors.


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