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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sad, It's Just Really Sad

We had wind and lots of rain last week, but our autumn leaves are still hangin' onto the trees. That's fog you can see through the branches.
Now, here's the sad, sad story....Several months ago Melanie showed us all the pretty aprons she had bought for herself. Oh yes, they were lovely, and I was impressed with them, but here's the thing.. I lingered in admiration a little too long. (Reaching for tissues.) I let my guard down and found myself almost instantly beyond self-control. (Swallows hard.) Before I knew it I was in a chasm of free patterns, lovely cotton fabric and matching thread. (Stifles sob.) I want to return to yarn and needles, but I haven't found my way back just yet. I'll let you know how it goes. Meantime, the free pattern for this one is here.
I finished the rose mints, all 140 of them. The flavors are banana and Bavarian Creme.
Have a great week, Y'all. :)


  1. Wow ... your aprons are awesome! And my mouth started watering when I saw the mints! lol

    As soon as I finish with Christmas gifts ... I'm going to make myself an apron!

    Thanks for the inspiration!
    Lesley Ann

  2. I am sister got me intrigued with the idea of aprons and I, too, went a bit overboard...ended up with about nine aprons! Now I am a bit overboards with hats and scarves (and I live in Florida)! I love your apron...very pretty!!!


  3. That is a nice looking apron, I have not worn an apron in years but I love them, I will have to see if I can find the ones my sister gave me years ago.

  4. I haven't worn an apron in years, but seeing yours--I may just have to go back to that habit. I know my mom and grandma wouldn't dream of being in the kitchen without one!! And these are so cute!!

    And those mints--they look like they will melt in your mouth!!

    Where do you find the time??


  5. Love the apron!! Maybe you could find a happy medium and do both. :)
    Oh and you can send those Bavarian Creme mints right on over. :P

  6. I love your aprons too. I'd love an excuse to make one for myself, but, alas, I do not cook (much). My husband would give me a major horse laugh if I showed up in our kitchen in an apron. He'd run me right out again and tell me not to touch his stove.

    Hey! Have you thought about knitting an apron? (just kidding)

  7. Haha! I tend to be the same way, Tea. I get stuck on a thing and then I can't get away from it. So pass the tissues!!

  8. I was searching for knitting patterns one day and came across your snowflake pattern that was posted in Dec 07. I just made one and I had a question for you. I am a new knitter so please forgive me....I will explain this the best that I can....I followed the directions (I believe), the snowflake turned out beautifully but for some reason....when I knitted the last 6 rows...the "bumpy side" came out on the wrong side....Does this mean that I skipped a row somewhere else possibly?
    If you could please email me at and let me know I would really appreciate it!


  9. Here, let me wave some qiviut smelling salts under your nose to help you recover. (If I had any. Actually, I do have one ounce. Of the raw fiber. You don't happen to not want to spin to be cured of too, do you?)

  10. My girlfriend makes aprons too. I am blessed to have one that see made for me. I am so going to check our your link!
    The mints look lovely. How swwet of you!

  11. I love that pattern! Since I really struggle with a sewing machine ('s not my natural calling), I'll do good if I get one made, but I'd love to try, after the holidays are behind us, of course.

    Those mints look delectable!

  12. yummmmmmm...those rose mints look delicious! how you do keep from nibbling on them?

    I love your aprons, each one is more lovely than the one before.

  13. Your apron is awesome. Just like the ones my mother used to wear. Brings back fond memories. Isn't it funny how things always come back in style? Enjoy!

    Those mints are beautiful. Look almost too pretty to eat. You certainly have out did your self with all your candy making. Your niece must be very pleased :)

  14. Love the "Aunt Bee" apron!
    Your rose mints are beautiful!
    Vintage aprons are just right for
    making candy!


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