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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Elegant Stitch Markers

When I first learned to knit I used a piece of yarn in a different color than the item I was knitting as a stitch marker; fine for then when all I could handle was doing the stitches right. But now... well we do like our jewelry. I'm happy as a chicken with a junebug to have these wonderful jewels; I mean markers. They were made by my daughter, Aimee. She used a variety of sterling silver or glass beads and spacers in constructing them. I especially like the pink teardrop bead topped with a sparkly faceted bead. The marker in the left of the picture was made with a silver ladybug and a ruby-colored glass bead; the second with a white cat's eye and a swirly green bead. Two sizes and shades of blue for the third and a small silver rose tops the large red bead. The small, pin-like object attached to the teardrop marker is the tool for my KnitPicks Options. Yes, I'm still thrilled with those knitting needles.

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