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Monday, August 31, 2009

Dish Rag Tag & Look, Some Knitting Here

Hey, Y'all. The race is on! This time I was first on my team, Chronicles of Yarnia to knit the dishrag for Dish Rag Tag 2009. I'm a slow knitter so I had to give myself a jab to get the cloth knit and to the post office in three and a half hours, but I did. The box is on it's way to the next team member. To keep track of the race just look over there to the right in the sidebar and remember to cheer for Chronicles of Yarnia.

Here's a look at what I got in the DRT box: A set of lovely, handmade coasters fashioned by the queen of DRT herself, Emily of Yarn Miracle. A bag of candy kisses (aw) that are nowhere to be found now, and the ball of cotton yarn to knit the dishcloth that I sent off to Wendy. (I love this knitty race game!) Emily, thoughtfully, included her knitty, kitty callin'/business card, too. Love it. I will get a dishcloth at the end of the it to you then.
My patio set and I agree, the coasters are just perfect!
Thanks, Emily!!! I'm lovin' these cool coasters!

Dish Rag Tag has been on my mind lately so when I went to pick out material for a small project bag I found this nifty states fabric to make it with. Did I ever tell you I love tassels. I do. Oh, you like them too? Well, don't fret; here's a nifty tutorial so you can make your own. The yarn is Summerset by Sugar & Cream (I think it's by S&C, anyways). The cord is a crocheted chain.Here's a look inside. I used this free pattern to make the bag. I especially like the name of the pattern, My Leetle Bag. I did add about an inch to the width for a bit more room.

How's this for a li'l ivy league knitting? Scalloped Waves Spa Cloth. The light cloth is Peaches and Cream, and Walmart still has P&C, albeit begrudgingly. o.O The dark is Midnight Magic from S&C.

See y'all next week, the Good Lord willin'.


  1. Wow! It sounds like a really fun game. I love the bag by the way, the tassels make it! I'm a slow knitter,too. I'm so busy right now, I'm not getting any knitting time!

  2. That looks like sooo much fun! I wish I could have taken part. Maybe next year....

  3. What wonderful coasters. Love them! I am also intrigued by your dishcloth "chronicles of Yarnia. How cool is that?!!!!

    Now, lets talk about the bag....Love 1000 X's! So unique and cool. I have never made a tassel before. How did you make yours? It matches so perfectly. What an awesome job!!!

    Have a great week!

  4. Love them "quilty" coasters!
    nifty fifty states fabric is cute!
    you have been a busy bee!

  5. Love your bag...cute fabric, but those tassels really make it special :)

    Very cool spa clots as well, beautiful shades of purple!

  6. I love tassels, how did you know? ;-) I also made them with that tutorial you linked for my autumn afghan. I just love the result.

    Beautiful coasters & yarn, by the way. I'm cheering on you for the race!

  7. Go, box, go! The coasters look good on your patio. So does the orange yarn in the green bag - it's all about color over here today.

  8. What a cute bag!
    You are a great Team Captain! Go Yarnia!

  9. Go Yarnia! May you triumph!
    Nice banner and badge, by the way,
    The bag looks pretty good, Mum. The
    colors reach out and grab you.

  10. The tag team sounds like so much fun! I love the bag and the beautiful tassels, and your scalloped waves cloth is gorgeous.


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