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Friday, August 21, 2009


Zinnias make beautiful cut bouquets for sprucin' up indoors while still leaving the plants loaded with blooms. They'll never miss these. I don't know why I don't grow them more often.
Y'all, you may not have noticed, but I've been fed up with my internet service. Att dial-up is no picnic at best...then it began to take 20-30 minutes to load a web page (no, not kidding), then I lost the ability to reply to yahoo mail, then ravelry messages wouldn't open, then I couldn't download patterns, then, then, well, you get the picture, and then, this week I noticed our bill was $25 dollars more than usual. Then I called. There were charges for services we didn't ask for or want and then, very nicely, I told them Goodman was irate. Now, for no apparent reason, we get more kps every time we sign on. Suddenly, I can do things faster, a lot faster on the what?, the internet. Huh. ;0 Hmm..just sayin'. o.O

I knitted along on these for a while, but they're for cooler weather so I put them away unfinished 'til about them later. I've knitted a ton of Scalloped Wave Spa cloths, but I just know you're tired of seein' them here. This week I've been knitting some uninteresting squares for a small throw. If I don't throw them out I'll show you those next time.

I'm enjoying my flowers an awful lot this year.

Oh, btw, would anyone like two Golden Retrievers? This is one-year old, curly haired, Duchess. She likes a nice game of fetch.And she's fast, really fast, just a blur really.
This is her buddy, Duke. He's getting older, but he's a very well-behaved guy. He was a rescue dog just four or five years ago. His coat is very silky. These are not our dogs, we're just keeping them temporarily, trying to find home(s) for them 'cause their owners moved and couldn't take them with them. It'd be great if they could stay together. They're friends.
Truly, these are the dog days of summer. See y'all next week.


  1. Lol, hope you feel better now,
    Mum. Nice zinnias.

  2. Your Zinnias are beautiful! I tried to grow Zinnias once. I think the tallest grew to be half an inch tall and had a flower the size of a pinhead. Oh well.

  3. You know, I have this gardening envy and you're not helping at all. ;-) How can these zinnias have such a bright colour? Beautiful!

    I know a bit about internet providers issues. I have the same problem every year when June comes. I don't know why, suddenly it's June and the net isn't working, and of course, you call them and the problem is yours because your router is not correctly installed, madam, please check it again and call us later, thank you. Later they acknowledge the service is down due to heat. It has happened three years in a row! Geez.

    Glad to have you around again. :-)

  4. I'd love a golden retriever, if I could and if I weren't so far away.

    Your zinnias are beautiful. And I'm glad you got on the phone and said something, because if you don't, then... Having had our fair share of such things--my husband actually got our ISP to refund us several days' worth of service when ours went down.

  5. Your Zinnias are fabulous! Don't you just love Mother Nature!!

  6. those zinnias are real beauties!
    mine always got some kind of mildew.
    love those vivid zinnia colors!

  7. Beautiful, beautiful zinnias!! I love the colors, and you're right--they don't miss their blooms one bit!!

    We've had some terrible thunderstorms almost every evening, and my internet service has been off and on for months now!!

    My lilies that you sent me didn't bloom this year--but plenty of greenage (?), so hopefully next year I'll get some pretty lilies!!

    Golden retrievers--I would love one but I don't think even one dog would fit into this crowded home right now--but I really would love one!!

    Been missing you!!


  8. I do love zinnias, they look like smiles in the garden.

    I'm glad to hear you were able to persuade your internet service to behave.

    I never tire of seeing the scalloped wave spa cloths, each one is unique.

  9. I can see why you love your zinnias so much...because they are GORGEOUS!!!

    I never get tired of seeing anything knitted....wonder what you are working on...socks, hand warmers???

    Hope those beautiful doggie friends of yours find good homes. Good luck!!

  10. Love the flowers :)

    ...the socks look nice and warm...I have about three pairs in that state...I am so ADD lol

    Looking forward to DRT - Go Team!!!

  11. Hello Friend!

    I love Zinna's too. This year I grew little button Zinna's. So cute.
    I hope you find a nice home for the dogs. They look so sweet.


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