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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

June Is Buzzin' Along, Y'all

If all goes well, our remodeling will continue next week. Our carpenter-in-law (& Youngest) will be back to take care of that, & Dgd #1 will be coming back from Summer Camp. That means I'll be running around like a chicken with no head (chuckles) & no posting, again. (Hope you can stand it. ;) ROFL!! Oops, this clematis found its way into a tree. Since my last knitting post, between all the doin's here, I've knitted another P&C Earthtone Scalloped Waves Spa Cloth & several others besides. (You can find the pattern on Ravelry. One note, it's no longer free. :(
S&C Westport
P&C Painted DesertS&C Country Brown Ombre
S&C Violet Veil OmbreI couldn't stand it till I showed you what I got from the Knitting Nest yesterday.... OH, BOY!! Pass the knitting needles, please. ;) Goodman turned me loose in there to do a little shopping for my birthday. (Brave man;) I took along some patterns I'd been wanting to knit, & Antje, proprietor & author, ever so sweetly helped me pick out just the right yarns for them. Thanks, Antje! Y'all, you have to stop in The Nest when you visit the area, I promise she'll treat you right. Here's a little peek in my shopping bag.
The bathmat! (Yes, Melanie hit the proverbial nail on the head. ;) I took for granted the cone of worsted yarn I was using was going to be sufficient, but not so. I've begun anew on that and hope to show you next time. Have a great week, Y'all!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Turkish Delight

Hi, y'all. I missed knitting & blogging last week due to a little remodeling we're having done. SIL was our resident carpenter, so Youngest was here all week long. We had a nice long visit & time for a few interesting projects, too. One of them was making Turkish Delight. If you haven't heard of it, it's a very delicate, rosewater flavored Turkish candy. It's become hugely popular recently because it was mentioned in the movie, Narnia. Youngest had brought some rosewater with her that she'd made from her rose blossoms & wanted to try her hand at making a batch. So, I stood back & took pictures while she did all the work. ;)
Here's a picture of one of the cooking stages:
All done & poured into a pan to set overnight:
Turned out of the pan & cut into squares:
Dusted with confectioner's sugar:
It turned out very well I think. Placed in an air-tight container, ready to be enjoyed. Go ahead, try some. :)
Have a Turkish-ly Delight-ful week, Y'all!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

June Is Busting Out All Over

Anyone remember that song? It's one of those songs from childhood (learned in music class for my eighth grade commencement) that a word like June triggers in my memory every time. Here's a look at my clematis vine. Wild red roses that I grew from a cutting several years ago. (If you'd like to start one get a cutting while they're blooming. First, pinch off any thorns & lower leaves & dip in root toner. Then plant in good soil in a shady spot & water & cover with a large jar until well rooted. I used huge pickle jars. After several months you can transplant your new wild rose in a sunny spot wherever you want it to be permanently.)
I rooted this pink one the same way.
I love the Scalloped Waves Spa Cloth pattern & I love the yarn, Peaches & Creme Earthtone, but I used size 6 needles & knitted it a bit tight so the color pattern of the variegated yarn clumped on me! Argh. I guess I need to loosen up a bit. I'm a-workin' on a new pattern & a-sneakin' a little preview in here. It's double worsted & 30 inches long...more next time, maybe. ;)
See ya next week, Y'all, Lord willing.