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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Hello From the Hills

... and since we have a frost warning for tonight goodbye to my volunteer impatiens that sprang up from last year's plants.

I'm really going to miss those colorful hydrangea blossoms, too.

Hopefully, there will be more fall color than this bit on our burning bushes soon.

 I've done a bit of jam and jelly making since my last blog post.  This is pepper jelly which I had never made before.  We haven't sampled it yet, but those who have had it before say it's good spread over a block of cream cheese then served on crackers.
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 I've done a bit of estate and yard sale shopping and picked up this skillet for a mere....

$3.  Your eyes are not deceiving you.  I was ticked pink.  o.o

On the crafty front I crocheted a winter scarf and made some polymer clay buttons for it.  Have you noticed how expensive buttons are lately?  There are lots of youtube tutorials to help if you're interested in making your own buttons.  It's a fun li'l project. 

I didn't have a pattern for the scarf, but it turned out okay anyway.  Love those big buttons.

Some chicks have all the fun. ;)  What's happening in your neck o' the woods?

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