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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Golden Goldilocks

Greetings and hope you're warm and cozy this chilly afternoon.
I've not knit a stitch since I finished my sweater, but I'm watching some videos by Elizabeth Zimmermann...that almost counts as knittin', right? Anyhooo....
Blogger friend Susan did a couple of posts on her blog featuring Little Golden Books that I really enjoyed, and it got me to thinkin' about the ones I have kept to read to the grandgals. The stories are well done and really come alive when read alongside this cute likeness of Goldilocks. The doll turned upside-down reveals Mama Bear and Baby Bear...
Papa Bear is on the otherside of Mama and Baby.
I know you're dyin' to see both ends of the doll at once so here 'tis.
Just as a reminder...we're still offline, but I do have the opportunity to post now and then. Hope you have a great week!

Sunday, December 5, 2010


Greetings from the foothills, Y'all! We're still offline, but I knew I'd have an opportunity to post today so I brought along some pics in hopes of getting you caught up with what I've been up to lately (other than the howse sale.) I made these coasters from a tutorial over at All Things Heart and Home. Actually, I did them last year but didn't get around to posting them. My sweater, Iced is finished! That is except for sewing on the buttons and making the button loops - it's blocked and ready though.
I found these cool buttons at JoAnn's, a turtle and a fish in case you can't tell what the shapes be.
Lastly, a baby hat using another free pattern here.
Final note this visit...I've been able to keep up with your blogs via my phone, and it's wonderful to be able to do that, but unfortunately I'm not able to leave comments using the phone. Until next time...have a great week and see you when I can...the good Lord willin'. :)