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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Robert Sheffey, Mountain Evangelist

One of my all-time favorite movies is Sheffey, a biographical rendition of the life of the circuit riding preacher, Robert Sayers Sheffey from days gone by. (Click the link below to watch the trailer.)

 It was produced by Bob Jones University, and I have to say they did a good job of it. A few weeks ago we were in Virginia and had the opportunity to visit the church and grave site where he was buried. I know it's not really all that grand, but if you have seen the movie you know his life's work was indeed truly grand.

Click for a better view.

On the way to see the Sheffey historical site, this photo courtesy of Youngest...

Edited to add:
And where does one find the movie? or click here if you want to watch the trailer and buy it directly from the producer.

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  1. Looks like you had an inspirational 4th.
    Have a great rest of the week!

  2. Oh those beautiful mountains just never get old!! Glad your doing good!! :)

  3. That bottom picture looks like a painting, so pretty! You have me quite intrigued by Sheffey. I'll have to see if I can lay my hands on that movie. :-)

  4. I love..well it was a really good flea....the Flea Market there off 40 in Sevierville. Haven't been there in forever. And Farragut had a nice antique mall. I enjoy taking old aprons and recreatng them. I have some ideas for full aprons..hopefully they'll turn out.

  5. Howdy Mum,
    That was a dastardly hot day, wasn't it? You had better Blue Ridge pictures than I did, I think.
    I'm sorry to have to make a correction to your post... but that was on Route 100 towards West Virginia. I was actually in fear of someone nippin' my head off with the sunroof, before I got back down from takin' the picture.

  6. Oh,I was having such a good time I didn't remember where I
    I'll make the correction; and thanks!

  7. Hey Tea, Just wanted to pop in say hi. Back in the 70's there was an area...I could be wrong....where Amish, or might've been Mennonites...grew cabbage near the Bush factory somewhere between Newport and Ashville (I know Big span of area) They could be gone now it's been over 20 years. Here in Ohio we have large communities of Amish. Here near Cincinnati and a huge area up in northeast Ohio. That's a really nice drive (NE OH), but they close up on Sundays, so it's hard to go just a Sat. and see everything. It is a tourist area tho. You need to drive up on a fri. and we'd go up to the one near here just for fun.

  8. Those good old fashioned preachers are hard to find these days!

  9. Love that beautiful old church!

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  11. So glad I passed thru and saw your post...I love Sheffey's movie. It has a real story to tell. I personally wish we had more folk around with a real experience with the Lord.

    1. That GREAT MAN OF GOD was my grandfather's uncle or great uncle

  12. HI there! I love your blog! I stumbled across it as I was looking for a cross sign that we saw in Cosby, Tenn. We are from Indiana and were just down to the Smokies this past week and love the area!!! Your pictures are beautiful and I enjoy your posts! I will visit again for sure! Take care and God bless....oh, I'm happy to know about the movie you mentioned..we are always looking for good family shows and this looks like a good one!

  13. This DVD of Sheffey is th very BEST!

  14. Hi Toni! Just came back to peruse your blog some more after finding it yesterday on Bloomin' Tuesday. I love your blog!

    And Sheffey is one of my favorite films, too. Where exactly is that church and site? My husband and I traveled to Abingdon (SW VA) a year or so ago and saw a house right on a main street with the sign that it was Robert Sheffey's house...wasn't open to the public but I wish it had been. Anyway, just didn't know if we were in the same area where the church was or if it's in a different area. Another comment above said toward W VA instead of VA. I'd love to go visit that area. Thanks for any info!

  15. I love the country feel of this church. Thank you for sharing it in InSPIREd Sunday!

  16. We have the Sheffey movie but have watched it only once. It's very convicting. But we need to dig it out and watch it again. That church building is just beautiful and in such a perfect setting. Your photograph of it is wonderful. And the photo of the route is gorgeous, too.

  17. thank u 4 joining us this week. love all the details. what s view. ( :

  18. My heart is full.Seeing all the photos and reading all the comments this GREAT MAN OF GOD he was a great uncle of my grandfather's. Spender many hours listening to my grandpa tell us stories as a child .Im so proud to have borned into his family


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