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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Fall in the Foothills, er not quite fall

Hello from the hills!
 Above is a purplish Rose of Sharon tree that came up as a volunteer in a good spot in the back yard so I left it where grew.  Below is the pink Double Rose of Sharon that I started from a cutting a few years ago.

I had to go to the big city a few weeks ago and stopped by to see one of my favorite sites there. The Westmoreland Water Wheel in Knoxville, Tenn. was built in 1923 to supply electricity to the few residents in the immediate area at the time.  It was built in the Tudor Revival Style.

This lovely structure is in the National Register of Historic Places and is still in working order but hasn't supplied electricity to the locals since city services were installed.

Sorry this clip is a bit shaky, but I love watching it to see the wheel going around.

 There's going to be a wedding next month in our extended family, and I was asked to make mints for the reception.  This mint dough tastes just like those marshmallow circus peanuts we ate as children (and adults.)

 The peachy colored roses turned out pretty well.  I made about 200 of them.

And lots of doves...  I just need to get the leaves made as well, Youngest will be making the leaves.  Yay!

 I picked our first mess of turnip greens this morning.  They were superb - bacon drippin's make most anything delectable, I say.

Yeah, not really, but I can appreciate this anyway.  Humor is good. 

In the 24 years we've lived here I'd never seen a Sweet Autumn Clematis on our property until this year.  It must be a good year for them though as we've seen them pop up allover near our house.  It's fragrance is lovely.

I was in need of a new doormat and couldn't resist when I saw this one at the store. Um, yes, I took the tag off when I got it home.  I hope you are having a lovely fall in your neck of the woods.