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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Don't July To Me.....chuckles

Bartlett won't be long.
I'm all done with my Old Shale *Lace* Ring. The lovely free pattern which you can find here has a different name..I just prefer lace over smoke, I guess. Anyways, this wonderful, lacy cowl can be worn around your neck for warmth or pulled up over your head like a scarf, & it's so light it shouldn't flatten your hair. How's that for a major breakthrough in headgear?
The picture below is a tad dark, but the colors are closer to the how it really looks. I used Schaefer Yarn Heather in the Sophia Smith colorway. The colors are turquoise, magenta, green & brown. (modeled by a vase of silk roses..;)Back view...I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. Can't wait for winter, now, so I can wear it & find out for real if it doesn't flatten my hair. I don't tolerate hat-hair very's hoping.
Want to put some zing in your summer? Have a 'mater........salt? :)Hope you're havin' a great summer, Y'all.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Is It Still July?

It must be 'cause this Rose of Sharon is still bloomin profusely. It's another plant that we brought to our place when the house where Goodman grew up in Virginia was sold.
What do you do when you have to take a break from knitting? NOT much!
Um, you garden a lil bit. I started a chamomile plant in my herb bed & harvested just enough blossoms to...
brew a cup.....not bad after I strained it & added a bit of honey. Sure beats nothing which is what we'll be drinkin' if my hazelnut coffee gets much higher. I really want to throw some in the Harbor!
I saw this little bag on another blog & had to crochet one immediately. (So much for being good. _shrugs_) I think it looks best in a solid color yarn, but I used two leftover bits of cotton yarn.
Since I already messed up recuperating from tennis elbow w/the bag I thought I'd start a project with this yarn from the Knitting Nest (which is moving to a brand new home next week..can't wait.) Tell you all about the knitting when it's done.
A big ol' lily...blogger evidently loves it, I guess, since it uploaded a double take & won't let me remove one. What's up??
The everlasting bathmat, one reason for my elbow relapse....(I'm knitting it so tightly it's giving me a fit) kinda on hold for now as I'm knitting only two rows per day on it...stay tuned. :)
Have a wonderful weekend, Y'all!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

History in Liberty Blue

The blue dishes displayed in the 4th of July post is my set of Liberty Blue ironstone dinnerware made by Staffordshire in England. It's a set that was sold in select grocery stores over the country in 1976 to commemorate our 200th anniversary of independence. Even though I have thirteen place settings (I know, I'm a dishhog) & several serving pieces, I don't (and may never) have all of the pieces that were sold originally. The rimmed soups & soup tureen evade me or rather the prices yet on eBay cause slight heart palpitations even now...
Since you had questions about them I thought I'd group my pictures in this one post for you...all. ;) Yes Ma'am, just for Y'all!

Washington leaving Christ's Church in Washington, DC. (Salad plate)

Mount Vernon, Washington's home in Virginia. (Soup & cereal bowl) Monticello is on the bread plate, but I didn't get a picture...sorry.

The Boston Tea Party (Covered casserole)

Lafayette Landing is depicted on the butter dish & the gravy boat & stand.

A Minuteman answers the First Call...while his anxious wife slumps onto the table. (Teapot & Oval Baker.)

Betsy Ross showing the General her handiwork, the Stars & Stripes. (Sugar bowl)

Paul Revere's Midnight Ride. (Creamer)

The Governor's Palace in Williamsburg, Virginia. (Small platter)

Washington & his men crossing the Delaware River. (Large platter)

Fraunces Tavern in New York where General Washington bade a sad farewell to his staff at the conclusion of the Revolutionary War. (Round serving bowl)

Washington at Valley Forge (Butter pat) Have you read The Winter of Red Snow?

Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Dinner plate)

Old North Church in Boston, Massachusetts. (Milk pitcher)

Immigrants! .. seeking religious freedom & a better life!. (Salt & pepper shakers)
These were a gift from Eldest Brother that he bought while on military duty in Germany. They're not part of the Liberty Blue set, but I like them better than the ones that go with the set as they add that added bit of historic nostalgia to my china cabinet display.

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Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July...

...from Boston Harbor...
...the home of a Minuteman...
...and Valley Forge. Hope you're enjoying our hard fought & hard won freedom today.
My knitting is at a minimum (again) due to a little flare-up with my arm.
I've seen so many aprons on different blogs lately that I caught the bug myself & made this one. It's a bit frou-frouie, but it was fun to make, anyways. The fabrics are all from Hobby Lobby. I got the idea for this one here. I used the tie pocket pattern at the link for the pocket, and went here for a tutorial on a basic half apron pattern. There may be better one out there, but that's what I used. There are lots of apron patterns & ideas here if you'd like to make one yourself. I've a pattern for a more serviceable style on the cutting board right now.
A closeup of the let's get to cooking, Y'all. :)
Day lilies that we transplanted from the old home place in Virginia where Goodman grew up.

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