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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Dogwood Arts Trail Tour

I've meant for some time to take you on tour of a Dogwood Trail that is part of Knoxville's annual Dogwood Arts Festival in April. The trail we toured this year is near the grandgals so I picked them & Firstborn up and off we went to see all the pretty dogwoods and all kinds of flower blooms on the trail.
Pink dogwoods are my favorite....
And I love old neighborhoods where they have sidewalks, so cool.
Tulips perfectly placed.
This is a wisteria vine covering/smothering a tree, lol.
Tulips in wonderland...
Some of the properties on the trail have a wonderfully wild aura.
What's prettier than a beautiful stone house? One with azaleas!
The different style of the homes are interesting, too.
This tree with yet a different wisteria vine must be about 80 feet tall.
Here's a look at the base of the tree & the vine growing together.
It was a beautiful day to tour, clear blue skies...
There's a Japanese-style garden on the trail, too.
The entrance...
An arched walkway leading to the pagoda...
Isn't this building gorgeous,.
The pagoda...
A rock wall surrounds the garden.
Side view of the walkway...
A view of the garden from the pagoda...and the last picture I took on the trail.
Firstborn directed us to another neighborhood to see this captivating stretch of trees arching over the road. That concludes my tour...hope you enjoyed it.
Have a great week, Y'all!
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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

It's Been So Long, How Are Y'all?

Howdy friends, I know it's been a while....the Confederate violets have bloomed in the yard.
The pear tree has bloomed, been pollinated and set-on tiny pears. The bluebirds are still considering which nestbox to use.This robin made up its mind to nest in the third sugar maple of our row of four... She went right to work gathering grasses...can you see her for the load of grass in her beak, lol? The nest was constructed and now she's a-settin'... Meantime I've had a trial with my knitting and decided to make another dishcloth to match the kitchen. A Flower Buds Cloth in royal blue. And look at this lil cutie pie flower pen. Yes, it's an ink pen topped with a happy duct tape flower! I used to hate duct tape because of the one yucky color available, but this is great duct tape. The free tutorial is over at the Seven Sisters blog. No, I couldn't stop with one...sure will liven up paying the bills, lol. This is my crochet shawl that I finished the border for, but the border isn't fitting like the pattern says it should so I'm shelving it for now.Spring is here and with it comes work in the vegetable gardens and the everlasting battle to get the house on the market to sell. Matter-0-fact, it's lookin' good enough we'd almost like to stay...almost. :) Hope you're having a wonderful spring, Y'all!