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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Another Round Cloth, Painted Lilies, Bee Balm, Wild Garlic

This is the last of the round cloths for a while. Click here for the pattern. I'm presently working on some other things, but for now this is all the knitting I have to show.

Several of my lilies have already finished blooming, but this painted yellow one is just starting to show color. This one usually blooms profusely for about 3 weeks. It's an old variety that we salvaged from dh's parents' old homeplace before it was sold.
Another plant dh's mother loved is bergamot (bee balm.) She always referred to it as horsemint, which is another of its common names. In history some of the colonists brewed a tea of the leaves after the infamous Boston Tea Party. I keep it for the hummingbirds.

I love the purple tops on wild garlic. I didn't plant this patch; it just appeared about 10 years ago. I dug some up once just to see what size the bulbs were, and to my surprise they are quite large, but they're not cloves; just one big bulb.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Lilies and Face Cloths

A friend from church has several acres of lilies, over a hundred different kinds, and these are some that I got from her last year. This burgundy is my favorite. It's a bit darker than it looks in the picture.

Here are three of the round face cloths I've been working on. I enjoyed knitting the round cloths from Rhonda White's collection of patterns, but the Mason-Dixon hexagon was not fun at all. It wanted to ruffle and blocking was a nightmare, just not worth it. It sure lived up to the root word in hexagon. I might just throw it away.

I photographed this one by itself because the tan color wasn't at all complimentary to the cloths in the first picture.

Life is peachy, just like this lily. :)
It's proudly displaying its last blooms for the season today. I'm glad the pictures can be enjoyed all year long. But, alas, I've got red and burgundy stella d'oros that have yet to bloom.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Young Chick with Sticks

Never underestimate a young knitter. Dgd found a way to get her knitting off my needles, so she could take it with her on a trip to visit her aunt. Her regular bamboo needles had been left at home that day, but a girl has to knit, right? Yes, that's another headband. They sure are cute on her and use up a lot of Nana's leftover yarn, too.

Friday, June 1, 2007


I love the month of June with its glorious blackberries, summer vacation and lilies of all colors. These are the roadside variety that I have loved for years. I have a row of them behind our house in the shade and another by the garage where they get part sun. They grow the same in both spots.
Bobbles the Sheep is the name of the dishcloth pattern, but for all the bobbling of knitting two at the same time, I renamed this one boggles. I will never do that again!