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Monday, June 18, 2007

Lilies and Face Cloths

A friend from church has several acres of lilies, over a hundred different kinds, and these are some that I got from her last year. This burgundy is my favorite. It's a bit darker than it looks in the picture.

Here are three of the round face cloths I've been working on. I enjoyed knitting the round cloths from Rhonda White's collection of patterns, but the Mason-Dixon hexagon was not fun at all. It wanted to ruffle and blocking was a nightmare, just not worth it. It sure lived up to the root word in hexagon. I might just throw it away.

I photographed this one by itself because the tan color wasn't at all complimentary to the cloths in the first picture.

Life is peachy, just like this lily. :)
It's proudly displaying its last blooms for the season today. I'm glad the pictures can be enjoyed all year long. But, alas, I've got red and burgundy stella d'oros that have yet to bloom.


  1. Your lilies are gorgeous!! I have a row of orange daylilies(not as nice as yours) which were given to me by my sister...a very small clump. Now they have multiplied to almost the whole length of my driveway. Very easy care...and they don't need tons of water :)

    You cloths are beautiful. I love the round ones. I knitted the M-D hexagon one and I too found that it wouldn't lay flat for me either. I read somwhere that you can just knit it as a pentagon instead, omitting one of the sections. That might work. I really have not had the urge to give that one a try again.

    I looked in a couple of places for Rageddy Ann, but I think she maybe in the attic. Once the weather's cooler I'll have to look for her. Poor thing got put away when I got married and then probably would have come out of hiding if I had had girls instead of 3 boys. She's probably in my box of dolls. I'll be sure and post a picture once she's located :)

    happy knitting :)

  2. Hakucho, thanks for looking for Raggedy Ann. I'll just look forward to seeing her later on. :)

    Lilies from a sister sound very nice, maybe nicer than bought ones.

  3. The lilies are beautiful I can't wait until mine bloom a little late this year

  4. Your cloths are great! I hate that you had trouble with the MD one. I've cast on for that thing a couple of times, but it never really works out for me. Maybe I'll follow your lead and knit a different "in the round" cloth instead. Yours look really nice!


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