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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring Break

*smiles* ...that's what I'm calling my absence from visiting here anyways, lol.  I've been busy with normal springtime chores, and I've done quite a lot of bird's a yellow-rumped warbler looking for bugs in one of the sugar maples.
She jumps around so fast it's a test of nerves to get a decent picture....
But I did! This is the best photo for showing how to know for sure you've sited her particular species. See the yellow patch where her tail feathers begin? (Click for a better look.)
The bluebirds are already nesting in a box along the pasture fenceline. They did visit the box outside my kitchen window but decided there was too much traffic in that spot, probably because one of the birdbaths is near it.
More bird news..there's a new rooster in the lot.
Our Barlett pear tree bloomed a full month early & has already set on fruit.
 We've lived here for nearly 19 years and for the first time ever we found morel mushrooms growing under some trees in the pasture. There's something new every year it seems.
I've nearly finished piecing my quilt top. The pattern is A Trip Around the World as Susan guessed in her comment last time. I've been working in the yard lately so not sure when I'll get around to finishing it... 
It's an early spring & we're taking full advantage of the warm days. Hope your spring is going well, too. See you soon... :)