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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Blossom Stitch Cloth

Blossom Stitch Dishcloth w/ Picot Edging - Crochet

Measurements: 8 in. x 8 in.
Materials: 1 ball worsted weight cotton yarn
Size G crochet hook or hook required for good stitch definition

Note: Picot stitch - ch 3 or 4 , sl in first ch

Ch 39
Row 1: (1 dc, ch 1, 1 dc) into 3rd ch from hook, sk 1 ch, sc into next ch. *skip 1 ch, (1 dc, ch 1, 1 dc) into next ch, sk 1 ch, 1 sc into next ch, repeat from * to end of row. Ch 2, turn.

Row 2: *1 dc into sc, ch 1, sc into ch sp, ch 1, repeat from * to end, 1 dc into turning ch of previous row. Ch 2, turn.

Row 3: *(1 dc, ch 1, 1 dc) into sc, 1 sc into dc, repeat from * to the end of row, working last sc into turning chain of previous row. Ch 2, turn.

Repeat (rows 2 & 3) x10 or till work measures 7.5 inches lengthwise.
Do not turn on the last row. Work picot in corner & continue down left side of cloth:

*Sl 3, picot, repeat from * around all sides. Break yarn & weave in ends.

Copyright © 2008 Toni in the Foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains, All Rights Reserved


  1. One grandmother of mine liked to collect antique teacups. Seeing yours there made me think of her and smile; she was a knitter, gone long before I knew to ask her about what-all she'd made on her needles in her life. Thank you for the picture, thank you for the little tap of memory on the shoulder that gave me.

  2. That is such a pretty dishcloth! If I ever get the hang of crochet...this is at the TOP of my list!

    *how's my cake coming? huh huh? :P

  3. Beautiful cloth, I even love the color you used. Now I just have to learn to crochet. Thank you for posting the pattern.

  4. Oooh, it's very pretty! If only I could crochet.... Ok actually I can, but my skills are VERY limited - I learned to knit first, and I never got around to REALLY attempting crochet, although I did make a few little snowflakes several years ago.

  5. Ooh! I really like that dishcloth! I learned to crochet first, so I need to put this on my list to do! Have you put it up on Ravelry so I can que it?

  6. I like your crocheted cloth. Very pretty and very delicate looking
    I keep thinking of picking up the crocheting again, especially when I see all your lovelly crocheted items.

  7. This is so pretty! Will be crocheting this one up this week. Thank you for such a beautiful pattern.

  8. Adorable! I'm getting back into crochet! Thanks for the pattern!

  9. Lovely blue crochet dishcloth and blue rose teacup! something old, something new, something borrowed something blue!

  10. Pretty cloth...I love the edging :) Thanks for posting the pattern!

  11. Just beautiful. If I ever figure out crochet, I'll will surely try this one.

  12. That is beautiful thanks for sharing the pattern!

  13. Thanks for the sweet tater offer, but my mothers' neighbor gave me a
    home-grown sweet tater from his garden. Them store bought kind
    do not sprout good!

  14. I love your patterns!

    But I can't seem to get the pattern (Blossom Stitch Cloth) to come out correctly at the end of the first row. Have ripped it out 6-7 times already. What is the last stitch on the first row? Mine keeps coming out w/the dc, ch1, dc, and no room to complete the "skip 1 ch and sc into next chain". What am I doing wrong? HELP!!!

  15. love this blossom cloth - we're thinkin' face cloth - btw we're brooksville not gainesville - can't seem to convince this computer of that - used to have friends in cherokee and our cousin lives somewhere in that area. thanks so much - your designs are awesome. karenb/fredw

  16. Thank you much for all the patterns you share. God Bless


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