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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Bird's Eye View

 Hello from the hills!
 We've had the best time birdwatching from the kitchen window for years.  I set out water and a few seeds and here they come.
Bluebirds and Purple Finches
There's always a bird or two to be spotted.
Northern Cardinal

  They'll always show up for a morsel of homemade peanut/raisin suet.
Northern Cardinal

 But since installing this window feeder (no affiliation) recently, we don't have to approach a window to see them, so I'd heartily recommend it if you're a mind to do a li'l bit o' effortless, up-close birdwatching.
 I cook a lot so it's nice to have finely-feathered company when I'm busy, too.
 Just add some seeds and be prepared for lots of birds.

Dear Winter, your days are numbered...

They're trying....

So are these succulents.

Sunset sky through one of the sugar maple trees.

More dyed sheep from the hills of Scotland.

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