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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Great Migration Giveaway

It's been one really good birding season for us as we watched different birds build nests & raise their young in our yard. There were Eastern Bluebirds, a nest of robins, and recently, another nesting family that we could easily watch. We had just started picking pears, about three weeks ago, when we discovered a pair of a different kind hidden among the pears. Baby Mourning Doves.
We’re nearing the end of summer, now, so it will soon be time for some of the birds to migrate to warmer regions for the winter months. A trio of my recent sewing projects will be migrating, too, from my nest to a trio of new nests. There will be a different recipient chosen for each item in this giveaway. Here they are:
First is a Paper Bag Tote. (Sorry, no tutorial.)
Second is a circular/dpn needle case all tied up with double-faced satin ribbon. (rolled up view)
Unrolled view of the same needle case.Third is a six-pocket needle case that I made from Vickie Howell's Gift Wrap pattern.
Here's the rolled-up view.
And an unrolled view of the same needle case showing off the Eastern songbirds fabric. I think these li'l peeps want to spend some time in your knitting basket. :) Here's how to enter the Great Migration Giveaway:
a. Leave a comment saying howdy (Of course, any comment will do, but it's very liberatin' if you could actually say howdy out loud sometime. ;)
b. Do NOT post about this giveaway on your blog. (You know that decreases the odds for you to have one of these birdie things for your very own, right?)
c. All are welcome to enter, old blog friends & new. :)
That's all...chuckles...easy, huh.

Oh, by the way, the method whereby the giveaway recipients will be chosen is in plain view, and yet, it's up to you. No, it doesn't require saying something really cool or entering more than once. Please leave a single comment to enter. That's all. Thanks!
Recipients will be announced by September 5th, the Good Lord willing.
Have some birds, Y'all!

Friday, August 15, 2008

I Sits & Sits... & Dreams I Knits

A big ol' howdy from Myrtle White here. (white crape myrtle)
Now, at the local therapeutic knitter's clinic we find Tea (that's me) still in knitting timeout. Once again, she's just biding her time at the sewing table till she can, sensibly, return to knitting, (that's break loose) again. 'nough o' that.. I used Vickie Howell's Gift Wrap pattern to make these 6-pocket needle cases. Yes, it's free; free is good. ;)
Here they are takin' a lil bow..
The outside.
I made a big/lil circular & dpn needle case, too. (There is no pattern that I could find online, so I had to just wing it.)

The outside. Side note: Some of you have asked if there is a pattern for the tote bags in the two previous posts; yes, but for now it's only in my mind & sorry to say I just haven't been in a tutorial kinda mood lately, it being summer vacation & all. I'm tryin' to make the most of it before the school bell & autumn winds blow us all back inside. ;) Oh....Go Cotton Queens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Paper Bag Totes

Pink crape myrtle swaying in the wind, nodding hello to you. :) Hakucho pegged me well when she commented that she & I find a pattern we like then we make it till we get our fill of it. I do that with everything I do. I've made five totes so, now, I think I've got my fill of them...maybe. I'm going to keep two of them for myself & give two as gifts...leaves one for...well, just stay tuned....My camera goes a little haywire with red & black closeups, but you can see the print at least. More chicks, I think. The lining is black.
Uh huh, I do love birds. The lining is a green leaf print.
See why I call this my Paper Bag Tote. I fashioned it to fold up just like a paper bag.
I've got something else on the cutting board, now...
Sew your little hearts out, Y'all. ;0

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Dishrag Tag, the Sequel...I'm In!!

I signed up for Dishrag Tag, the sequel. Can't wait!
If you'd like to join in the fun..GO HERE NOW!

I finished a li'l tote to carry small knitting projects around in.

Have a look inside...

I know you want to see the bottom, too...wild, huh, but a quick sew.
Here, chick chick...

An improvement over my usual small tote-y tote.
Hope your week is sew wonderful!

Friday, August 1, 2008

The Dog Days of Summer

Greetings, Y'all! This burgundy Stella d'oro lily is blooming nicely in these warm, humid, dog days of summer. It's about half the size of most lilies, like the yellow ones we're all familiar with. (Um, yes, that's peppermint rootin' over to say hello to Stella. ;)
Here's a look at the nifty prize I won over at Aunt Kathy's Place. Thank you, Kathy! She's having a two-month long contest so shuffle on over & leave her a comment for a chance to win other nifty stuff. I've actually had a notion to get back into sock knitting lately, so I plan to cast on a pair in a few weeks. Oh boy, not knitting is rough on me, but I got to the point I had to lay the needles down for awhile.
We had two birthdays in the family this month. SIL wanted cheesecake so I made up this Baker's House New York Cheesecake. It's the first baked cheesecake I ever made, but he loved it.
Punkin I (# one) had asked for a hot fudge sundae for her birthday dessert, so we made a sauce & added some trimmings. (These are later pics of leftovers...didn't think to snap pics with the candles & all. Ah, well.
I have no knitting to show since I'm pretty much incapacitated for awhile, but Youngest was here with SIL, of course, and allowed me to take pictures to show you the cozy she just made for this little two-cup teapot. She used Jewels by Sugar & Cream & a yarn ball band pattern. I like how she embellished it with a braided cord & tassel. Pop goes the color, huh.
Top view.

Hmm...can't knit...guess I'll have to read or sew... Yes! I can still sew...see ya next week. ;)
Have a good one, Y'all!