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Friday, August 15, 2008

I Sits & Sits... & Dreams I Knits

A big ol' howdy from Myrtle White here. (white crape myrtle)
Now, at the local therapeutic knitter's clinic we find Tea (that's me) still in knitting timeout. Once again, she's just biding her time at the sewing table till she can, sensibly, return to knitting, (that's break loose) again. 'nough o' that.. I used Vickie Howell's Gift Wrap pattern to make these 6-pocket needle cases. Yes, it's free; free is good. ;)
Here they are takin' a lil bow..
The outside.
I made a big/lil circular & dpn needle case, too. (There is no pattern that I could find online, so I had to just wing it.)

The outside. Side note: Some of you have asked if there is a pattern for the tote bags in the two previous posts; yes, but for now it's only in my mind & sorry to say I just haven't been in a tutorial kinda mood lately, it being summer vacation & all. I'm tryin' to make the most of it before the school bell & autumn winds blow us all back inside. ;) Oh....Go Cotton Queens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Those needles cases are nice! WTG! I see those Rosewood needles peeking jealous.
    You always have the prettiest fabrics. I need to go check out that free pattern...looks like something I "might" be able to do.

  2. I've been wanting to make some needle holders. I first have to get to the fabric store. Then dig out the sewing machine, oh yeah and remember how to use it, LOL

  3. I love those needle cases! You are so talented.

    Enjoy the last days of summer; time enough for tutorials in the winter months.

  4. So, why are you in time-out? Did I miss something?

  5. Beautiful crepe myrtles! they sure can take the Summer heat! keep resting that knitting arm! sounds like rheumatism to me! fix up some lemonade with a dose of good whiskey- for medicinal purposes only!

  6. The flowers are throwing crape-paper decorations across summer's classroom in a going-away party.

  7. Hello! I love the fabric with the birds. Would you tell me the brand or where you purchased it, please?

    Lesley Ann

  8. Ooo, I love your needle cases! I have one planned to make during the fall, which will actually be our summer break, because we've been doing school with Brandon (our exchange student) here.

  9. You did a great job on the needle cases.

    I recently bought a case for circular needles that would be very easy to sew. If you're intertested, I can take a photo of the interior and send it to you. It had 12 pockets. Unfortunately, after I bought it and tried it out, I liked the circular case I'd been using better. But, the new one is still very nice and would be great for someone who hasn't accumulated a really large collection of circulars.

  10. LOVE your needle cases...they really are super duper :)

  11. The needle cases are just beautiful!! Great job!!

    I'm sorry that you're not able to knit, but at least you're making good use of your time. Just keep on resting, and before you know it, you'll be back knitting along!!


  12. OH OH OH!!!
    Love the pictures!!
    I miss crepe myrtles - they don't grow them over here! :(

    And I love love love your birdy fabric (OK, the chickens are still my favs, but I do love the birdies!) - it is so springy and do I need to mention how I miss US birds? Really, can you imagine it, there are no cardinals in England!! or blue jays! or bluebirds, but in Okla. I don't think they have those anyway but I sure miss the bright colored birds.

    I love coming to your blog and getting a tase of home. I am sure sorry that your body is not cooperating with your knitting desires - I hope you are soon fit for whatever crafting you desire to do!! But your sewn bags are really gorgeous, and maybe you wouldn't have done them if you were knitting.

    PS I hope you don't do your special secret thing when I'm away!! (Aug 31 - Sept 5, because I'm sure you want to know!! ) haha

    kindest regards

  13. Those cases are lovely. I particularly like the material with all the birds.

  14. Love those needle cases, and I see you even used some of that lovely bird pretty! I am lining up a few knitting projects for Autumn! Autumn and knitting just seems to go together nicely! Wishing you and your family a wonderful weekend!



  15. I love your needle cases!!! What a great idea.

  16. Hey - I'm going to be down in the Smokey's in October - any good yarn stores you can turn me too?


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