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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Smoky Or Smokey, There's a Difference Y'all

  • Hello from the foothills of the Great SMOKY Mountains!  -  Where there is no "e" 
  • in Smoky.  I know, it's a bit surprising, isn't it?  A number of very sweet, well 
  • meaning folk have messaged me over the years to say that Smoky should have 
  • an "e", but it actually doesn't as seen in the photo below in this photo taken at one        
  • of the Park's entrances
  •  Image result for great smoky mountains national park
  • There is a place for the "e" in Smokey, though,   We've all seen the ads and 
  • commercials that have imprinted that rogue "e" indelibly in our minds.  
  • Smokey Bear has an "e" in his name so we'll just blame the spelling confusion 
  • on him.  Somehow, it just naturally transfers when we refer to the Great Smoky 
  • Mountain National Park, but truly, there's no "e" in the Smoky Mountains.Image result for smokey bear images