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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Hydrangea, a late Mother's Day gift. I can't wait to find the right spot for it.
Goodman discovered this birdnest in an outbuilding. If you look closely at the bottom of the opening you'll see several Carolina Wren chirps napping while their mama snatches moths and other bugs for their next meal.
My chocolate mint is up and already beggin' to be harvested.
 I'm taking a break from it right now, but I did get another section of Wingspan knitted. The pattern is dramatic, yet a really simple one. Oh, and free. ;)
Mohave red portaluca. I could stare at it forever - well, maybe not forever. ;)
Hope you're having a great Memorial Day Weekend!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Flowers, Food, Feathers & New Face

We're getting some much needed rain right now so I had time to post a few pictures and update what we're doing this month. Clematis.
  This is our main vegetable garden right near the house where we can keep watch over all the plants (you know, watch Peter Rabbit romp and play and take his pick of the fare.)
The day of our last road trip we passed an estate sale, and as you know our car stops on its own for such events so we had a look around. I found this silverplate bird. Looks like a stubby baby robin to me.
But the nifty part is that it plays music.
 It scrubbed up pretty well. I thought I'd leave it like this for a while, but I eventually removed the rest of the tarnish. I so admire birds of most any kind.
Woot, I've been knitting. O.O
When I ran across Wingspan while browsing for a new pattern to knit, I knew I'd be knitting this shawl. I've only just begun, and it'll take a few weeks to finish it because I'm taking it slow, knitting only after I drop in a chair in the evening. The pattern is very easy.
 There's a new face on the farm lately. Rocky is a mix, half Mountain Cur.
See you soon, the Good Lord willin'. :)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Sword of the Lord and Gideon

 Continuing our trip that I began telling you about in my last post...
 We visited the home of Samuel Witherspoon Doak who as the marker states built...
This beautiful old home, where his father Reverend Samuel Doak also lived for a time. The elder Samuel Doak was the author of the fiery sermon and prayer delivered at Sycamore Shoals where our southern Revolutionary forces met just prior to marching to King's Mountain, and the SWORD OF THE LORD AND GIDEON indeed prevailed and signaled the near end of our servitude to the English crown. The sermon is quite short, just one paragraph and then the prayer. See below.
The split rail fence is every bit as gorgeous as the setting...
And I loved the animal gate...
The front room and entrance...
Dining area...
Famous sermon and prayer by Reverend Samuel Doak:
My countrymen, you are about to set out on an expedition which is full of hardships and dangers, but one in which the Almighty will attend you. The Mother Country has her hand upon you, these American colonies, and takes that for which our fathers planted their homes in the wilderness - OUR LIBERTY. Taxation without representation and the quartering of soldiers in the homes of our people without their consent are evidence that the crown of England would take from its American Subjects the last vestige of Freedom. Your brethren across the mountains are crying like Macedonia unto your help. God forbid that you should refuse to hear and answer their call - but the call of your brethren is not all. The enemy is marching hither to destroy your homes. Brave men, you are not unacquainted with battle. Your hands have already been taught to war and your fingers to fight. You have wrested these beautiful valleys of the Holston and Watauga from the savage hand. Will you tarry now until the other enemy carries fire and sword to your very doors? No, it shall not be. Go forth then in the strength of your manhood to the aid of your brethren, the defense of your liberty and the protection of your homes. And may the God of Justice be with you and give you victory.
Let us pray. Almighty and gracious God! Thou hast been the refuge and strength of Thy people in all ages. In time of sorest need we have learned to come to Thee - our Rock and our Fortress. Thou knowest the dangers and snares that surround us on march and in battle. Thou knowest the dangers that constantly threaten the humble, but well beloved homes, which Thy servants have left behind them. Oh, in Thine infinite mercy, save us from the cruel hand of the savage, and of tyrant. Save the unprotected homes while fathers and husbands and sons are far away fighting for freedom and helping the oppressed. Thou, who promised to protect the sparrow in its flight, keep ceaseless watch, by day and by night, over our loved ones. The helpless women and little children, we commit to Thy care. Thou wilt not leave them or forsake them in times of loneliness and anxiety and terror. Oh, God of Battle, arise in Thy might. Avenge the slaughter of Thy people. Confound those who plot for our destruction. Crown this mighty effort with victory, and smite those who exalt themselves against liberty and justice and truth. Help us as good soldiers to wield the SWORD OF THE LORD AND GIDEON. AMEN.
What a sermon!
Until next time.... it's good to know where you're headed and see the path clearly.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Spring Road Trip

Happy spring greetings from the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains!
We recently took to the roads to see what we could see and visit the Mountain View Bulk Food Store in Chuckey, TN. The drive was pleasant weatherwise and we always enjoy the view of those green, green hills of Tennessee.
 The store shelves are lined with various and sundry items in an old-time atmosphere.
 Convenient mixes...
 Baked goods...
 Some bulk foods....I had in mind to find buckets of wheat, but I didn't see any so that was the only downside for me.
 Soap for the folks who love a real down to earth washup. ;)
 Love this display...
Closer look.....
To me the highlight of the day was this cool deli insidethe store. They make sandwiches, and by the time we got around to the counter we were ready for a big one. *chuckles* I ordered a double meat sandwich and they filled my order to a T.
NOT kiddin'. It was so good and filling.
Back at the home front - the grands spent several days with us recently and the oldest tried her hand at making a wallet using duct tape. (No, it's not your grannie's duct tape.)
It's wild and cute.
And makes a stylish accessory in the right hands.
Best of all, it's workin'.
I've actually picked up the crochet hook since last we visited. Wavy Rows Dishcloth
Until we meet again, keep your eyes on the prize and enjoy our fleeting spring!