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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Spring Road Trip

Happy spring greetings from the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains!
We recently took to the roads to see what we could see and visit the Mountain View Bulk Food Store in Chuckey, TN. The drive was pleasant weatherwise and we always enjoy the view of those green, green hills of Tennessee.
 The store shelves are lined with various and sundry items in an old-time atmosphere.
 Convenient mixes...
 Baked goods...
 Some bulk foods....I had in mind to find buckets of wheat, but I didn't see any so that was the only downside for me.
 Soap for the folks who love a real down to earth washup. ;)
 Love this display...
Closer look.....
To me the highlight of the day was this cool deli insidethe store. They make sandwiches, and by the time we got around to the counter we were ready for a big one. *chuckles* I ordered a double meat sandwich and they filled my order to a T.
NOT kiddin'. It was so good and filling.
Back at the home front - the grands spent several days with us recently and the oldest tried her hand at making a wallet using duct tape. (No, it's not your grannie's duct tape.)
It's wild and cute.
And makes a stylish accessory in the right hands.
Best of all, it's workin'.
I've actually picked up the crochet hook since last we visited. Wavy Rows Dishcloth
Until we meet again, keep your eyes on the prize and enjoy our fleeting spring!


  1. Hi Toni! So glad you stopped by today. Guess you've been having weather too? We had some boomers last night a what a light show. Lots of water layin and there's threat of more tonight..just what we need. We've been thru Chuckey before other aide of Newport! Didn't know they had a market like that tho. We have a markets like that around the area, especially in the Amish area in Northeastern Cincinnati area...about 40 outside of Cincinnati. Looks like you had a fun day.

  2. Thanks for sharing your lovely road trip. Neat place with all those goodies. Duct tape makes interesting things, hey???? Love you crochet dish cloth very pretty. Hugs Judy in Michigan where are Spring has finally just arrived. vbg

  3. I forgot what I was going to say -- yum, sandwich! Surely you had a great time at the deli store, I mean, at the trip. ;-)

    Hope you are enjoying the spring! Olive trees have blossomed here and I am having a hard time trying to breath and keeping my swollen eyes open. Oh, allergies!

  4. That store looks wonderful. I love visiting un-ordinary types of stores. We have a couple of them around here. Don't go often, but enjoy it when I do :)

    The wallet is awesome. Years ago my son made one, but with the silver duct tape. That was before all the pretty colors and patterns.

    Your cloth is beautiful. Love the spring like color...make dish washing happy :)


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