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Friday, July 19, 2013

Lighting ~ The Old Fashioned Kind

Goodman loves to browse flea markets. I really don't, so when he goes to one he sends pictures to my phone if he sees something he thinks I might want.  Last weekend he sent a picture of the lamp in the far left front for me to consider. I asked him to buy it for me, but he decided to get all of these (for one great price.)

 I love old fashioned oil lamps since they're especially useful when the power is off,  and they look nifty, too.  I won't show all individually, but some are cool, really cool...

This is a vintage whale oil lamp. Heh, that's cool in my book. O.O   I colored regular lamp oil to mimic whale oil since I didn't have any of the real stuff on hand.

 This one, with it's cup-styled handle, is called a finger lamp.

The one with blue oil is a hobnail lamp. I added the blue oil for a bit of color in the room where I intend for it to set. ;)

 Next is a pedestal finger lamp.

This one has a Currier and Ives farm scene on the base.

 Last is the one I asked Goodman to bring home, love the design on the base. It will soon have red oil in it so it will fit in nicely in the living room. Below is a close-up of the base.

Do you use or collect oil lamps? Do you know more about their history than I've shared? Please, tell all if you do!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Flowers, Food & A Lil Bird

 I hope everyone had a great 4th of July. We enjoyed a day grilling and visiting with both our daughters and their families. It rained just after the kebabs were brought in from the grill so afternoon festivities consisted of eating too much and chicken foot dominoes.

Our lilies are all blooming including this "black" one that looks mostly burgundy to me.

 Whatever the color, it's my favorite.

 Bergamot, also known as bee balm and horsemint blooming in the backyard.

 The spike-y tipped blossoms make me smile kinda silly like.

Celosia in the shade under the back deck. These plants are considered medicinal as they are used for treating a host of symptoms.  Also, the leaves, which taste like spinach, are sometimes added to soups and stews in Mexico, especially. I haven't tried them yet.

Pink impatiens, also under the deck.

 This little Carolina Wren had a nest in one of my flower pots. I missed the maiden flight of the lil birdlets as it rained nearly everyday since they hatched.

What's for dinner - grilled shrimp brushed with butter seasoned with garlic. That. was. good. So were the steak/onion/squash kebabs, but the photo is too fuzzy to post.
Hope you're staying cool. o.o

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