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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sweet September

Feel that cool in the air! Thank the Lord!!!
Flower of the month...sorta.
Mmmm...roasted red peppers fresh from the garden.

This li'l dishrag was a mindless (from my li'l mind ;) knit with bobbles at each corner. Sugar and Cream yarn in Vintage Rose colorway.
Frosted Diamonds is slowly taking shape.
Have you heard there's a new hen house in town? There is. chuckles It's portable, and it's mine! It's been six years since I kept chickens. Goodman missed farm eggs. Did you know lots of cities have changed their ordinances so that folks can have their own fresh eggs. Folks are realizing that big business is not to chickens what chocolate is to cookies. o.O Nope, they're not. We found this little coop on Craigslist. It's perfect for up to six hens. (If the house sells we'll load up the truck and move it to ....where ever.) I promise I won't ride on top, stop worryin'. rofl
There's no door on the yard part nor a walkin' plank so we're in the process of modifying that before we put chickens in it. The girls are in the barn. I'll introduce them next time. Meantime, I'm happy as a chicken with a junebug to be back in the chicken business.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Walkabout the Weeds

Ah yes, we're beginning to bid summer adieu. I will shed no tears for it, though, as Summer 2010 has been one hot summer. Our watermelon patch is nearly done producing. I haven't the heart to weed it now with this overtaking it. Mornin'glories.

No wonder they're called glories....
Butterfly Weed, also called Pleurisy Root. I'm diggin' this up soon to replant where it will be handy if I want to use it.

Seed pods on another butterfly weed that could be mistaken for pope's hats...chuckles.
A tea made from red clover is said to detoxify the blood.
This is not your regular morning glory. It's a Wild Potato Vine. Native Americans & early settlers dug the roots to supplement their food supply. See the red center? That's how to tell it's a tater vine.

Ironweed (spied this one in the neighbor's field) has been used in a lot of different herbal preparations to treat all manner of symptoms.
Did you know red pepper flakes.......... are proven to help lower cholesterol? Just thought I'd throw that in. :)
I've begun sproutin'. Truly! o.O This is a sandwich mix. WE ARE SO GREEN around here. lol
The wonderful chill in the morning air is tellin' me I could use one of these soon so I've begun a knitting project after almost six months without touchin' the needles.
Cool mornin' air - bring it on! See y'all later, the good Lord willing. :)