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Thursday, September 12, 2019

Good Morning, Glory!

Hello from the foothills!  
 We are sooo looking forward to fall weather, but we're enjoying a few clumps of Morning Glory vines on the pasture fences in the meantime. 

The summer season started out wet and pleasant, but it's closing out hot, parched and dry for us here in the hills.

 This Burning Bush (another volunteer from the neighbor's bush)  has already turned red due to lack of moisture.  I don't know how this will affect the fall colors in the Smokies.  Hopefully it won't.

Earlier this year a family member was taken to the emergency room at their local hospital and was diagnosed with gallbladder issues and told it should come out immediately.  The diagnosis was extremely helpful, and we're ever so grateful for that, but the surgery was NOT necessary at all*.  In fact, what the family member wasn't told is that there are often lasting ill-effects to having it removed.  I personally know two people who have shared that they are plagued with virtually chronic diarrhea years after they had theirs removed.  

*We referenced our  Be Your Own "Doctor" book and that family member followed the directions for flushing the gallbladder along with diet recommendations - totally avoiding the recommended surgery. 

1. Bile ducts: 2. Intrahepatic bile ducts, 3. Left and right hepatic ducts, 4. Common hepatic duct, 5. Cystic duct, 6. Common bile duct, 7. Ampulla of Vater, 8. Major duodenal papilla
9. Gallbladder, 10–11. Right and left lobes of liver. 12. Spleen.
13. Esophagus. 14. Stomach. 15. Pancreas: 16. Accessory pancreatic duct, 17. Pancreatic duct.
18. Small intestine: 19. Duodenum, 20. Jejunum
21–22. Right and left kidneys.
The front border of the liver has been lifted up (brown arrow).[14]

The purpose is to:
Its primary function is to store and concentrate bile, a yellow-brown digestive enzyme produced by the liver. The gallbladder is part of the biliary tract. The gallbladder serves as a reservoir for bile while it's not being used for digestion. The gallbladder's absorbent lining concentrates the stored bile.
I believe we are wonderfully and fearfully made as the Word of God states.  And I believe that the idea that we don't need certain body parts is a might remiss.  I am convinced many surgeries are unnecessary and are suggested in order to keep a revolving door spinning at medical centers and hospitals all over the country.  If you have a gallbladder story you'd like to share, please do so in the comments.
Have a great weekend, y'all!
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