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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Scrap Wrap & Diamond Cloth

So far nothing has changed on my pc, but blogger & AOL seem to be getting along this mornin' so I'm taking advantage of the temporary truce.

Susan liked my cast iron skillet so well that I decided to show her a few of my cast iron treasures that are a bit more interesting than my stack of skillets. Left to right are an antique mortar & pestle that Goodman bought for me at a flea market; a gingerbread house pan that has molds on the other side, too; a snowman bank, how do you like them boxing glove sized mittens?; and lastly, my cast iron napkin holder, another flea market find from Goodman.
I was inspired to knit this wrap after seeing fluffyknitster's gorgeous one on her blog. The pattern is here. Bertha May is modeling for me, again, thanks Bertha!

Closeup. I used 7 balls of Moda Dea Cache that I found on sale at Micheal's last summer.
It's big, it's fluffy & it's warm. :)

The January Mid-Monthly KAL, Diamonds on Lace. The pattern is here.
Little River that runs through the Great Smoky Mountains.
A big thank you to all who left encouraging comments concerning my bloggin' woes. It's awfully nice to know you're being missed. :) Thanks, again.

Knitlikeyoumeanit, Y'all!!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Vintage Look Capelet

I've been crocheting again... This little capelet, or shoulder warmer as I call it, turned out pretty well, I think. I found the pattern on Ravelry. It's called Wrap Style by Mari Lynn Patrick & can be found here. A closeup view of the back modeled by my twin; she's a much better model than I am. Even though this is a short cape every row is diffferent, so it's not all that quick to work up but definitely worth the time. Y'all know I love picot edges so when I saw it had a picot neckline and lower border I just had to have it. :)The little filigree/ heart shaped button is perfect to complete the vintage look. I found it at my local Hobby Lobby store. Is it just me or does the pattern on the button remind you of a koala bear face?Okay, a little knit content afterall, Y'all.
Ever wonder what size dishcloth you'd get from one whole ball of variegated yarn?
40 stitches wide, all knit, yields an 8 1/2 x 11 inch cloth; about the size of a sheet of paper. It's a bit on the large size but wonderfully handy for the big jobs & so much better than any you'll find in a store.
Happy needleworkin', Y'all!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Happy New Year, Y'all!

A few days late, but wishing you happy knitting days in '08.

Our rinky-dink power company was overloaded yesterday morning when it was 12 degrees F outside. The grandgals arrived at 6 a.m., dh went off to work at 6:30 then at 7-something, not quite daylight, yet, the computer screen went black...that was fun. oO

I fumbled in the dark & gathered a few essentials...the hand crank radio/flashlight combo came in especially handy. I cranked it enough to tune in a station & found out the power was off... :P ..then put an iron skillet on the propane heater & made do. Fried canned biscuits w/ ham & swiss cheese had the grandgals thinking we could survive anything. Youngest said it was like in the old days when Nana was young...she's a veritable hoot, that one. :) Power was restored by noon. Ah, life is good.I'm still on a sewing binge. I like my knitting needle roll so well that I made another...note the large occured to me this could be the only time in life when a lot of flap would come in handy. ;) The pattern is here.

I saw this nifty idea for a light weight yarn bobbin on another knitter's blog a while back, but don't have the address for it. (If you know who posted this please let me know so I can give them proper credit.) The little red rectangle w/yarn around it is a bag closure from one of those mesh bags that oranges come in. It's such a smart way to keep a long end of yarn in check while you knit. The round cloth pattern is Lacy Picot Swirl found here.Red morning sky diffused by fog when the cold front was coming in last Friday.
See you next week, Lord willing. Knit happy, Y'all!