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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Scrap Wrap & Diamond Cloth

So far nothing has changed on my pc, but blogger & AOL seem to be getting along this mornin' so I'm taking advantage of the temporary truce.

Susan liked my cast iron skillet so well that I decided to show her a few of my cast iron treasures that are a bit more interesting than my stack of skillets. Left to right are an antique mortar & pestle that Goodman bought for me at a flea market; a gingerbread house pan that has molds on the other side, too; a snowman bank, how do you like them boxing glove sized mittens?; and lastly, my cast iron napkin holder, another flea market find from Goodman.
I was inspired to knit this wrap after seeing fluffyknitster's gorgeous one on her blog. The pattern is here. Bertha May is modeling for me, again, thanks Bertha!

Closeup. I used 7 balls of Moda Dea Cache that I found on sale at Micheal's last summer.
It's big, it's fluffy & it's warm. :)

The January Mid-Monthly KAL, Diamonds on Lace. The pattern is here.
Little River that runs through the Great Smoky Mountains.
A big thank you to all who left encouraging comments concerning my bloggin' woes. It's awfully nice to know you're being missed. :) Thanks, again.

Knitlikeyoumeanit, Y'all!!


  1. Your KAL is beautiful! Lavender is by far my favorite color. I love the wrap too!

  2. I love the beautiful wrap and dishcloth. Great work. I love to see pretty cooking things too, and the view of your river is great!!! Great to have you back!!!

  3. Beautiful knitting work. And a beautiful river picture.

  4. Very cool collection! Must be a workout re-arranging them :-) Love the colors in the yarn you used for the wrap.


  5. You sure have been missed! It's so good to hear from you. Your KAL is so pretty and neat. I love the color.
    Now I have to go check out that wrap pattern....something else I want to do.
    Don't be gone so long next time!

  6. So glad your back...yay :) fingers crossed here that blogger will continue to behave!
    Your cast iron collection is impressive. I have my grandmother's cast iron frying pan which I cherish!

    Your wrap is beautiful. That yarn is perfect for it. Beautiful work!!!

  7. You know I struggle with AOL and blogger sometimes, and I think it's because AOL runs through Internet Explorer. I added Firefox to my computer and now blog thru there instead of through AOL and no more problems.

    By the way my kitchen is cast iron themed, black and white and wood. I love your finds, even a little green eyed.

    The knitting looks great too. Glad to see you were able to blog them

  8. Oh I finally was able to get onto your blog YEAH!!!!! I love your cast-on things. That shawl is gorgeous!!!


  9. Your cloth and the wrap are beautiful. Very cool collection of cast ironware and that snowman is too cute! I like the photo of the river running through through the woods & mountains.

  10. great cast iron treasures!
    lovely knit wrap too!
    belated Happy groundhog day!

  11. LOVE how your scrap wrap turned out! I'm not getting any knitting done around here right's getting on my nerves! LOL! Have a great week!

  12. You were right, I love the cast iron things! I can't say how many times I've needed a mortar and pestle, but its just not something I remember to look for. The gingerbread mold is great too :)


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