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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Be Sweet, Y'all

That's not an order, Y'all. ;) Be Sweet (Magic Ball) is the yarn I used for this Frilly Wrap from Creative Knitting magazine, September, 2005. It's a combination of baby mohair, bits of ribbon, and cording & it's very soft. Here's a picture of six of the different yarns that were in each ball. I didn't get a pic of the stands that have little knot on them though. Very nifty yarn, I liked the way it made the rows interesting without having to make the changes myself. The wrap takes two balls of yarn.
Bertha May couldn't wait to try on this wrap. She says it looks better on her, probably true, but she's gettin' a little sassy for my likin'. Ah, well.
Back view.
Melanie, hakucho, & Missy gave me this award. I was tickled pink & I'm sending it back their way, because they have made my day with their comments and blog posts for over a year now. Everyone who leaves a comment here makes my day. Thanks, Y'all!

Be sweet, Y'all! ;p


  1. Oooh....pretty wrap. You are so deserve that award...many times over.

    You know, I think maybe we should keep an eye on lilduckie and Bertha May...think they've been hanging out together with all this sassy attitude they got here lately.

    It's good to have you back!!! I sure missed ya!

  2. That is beautiful! Thanks you always make my day too!

  3. That's a really interesting yarn - and it mad such a pretty little wrap!

  4. Oh, that's cool! The kind of thing that, when you put it on, people tend to pat you on the shoulder or put an arm around you without even realizing they're doing it and without even realizing that they're wanting to touch that lovely softness. It's a good way to put a smile on everybody's face.

    And if I hang around here long enough, my slight Southern accent will start coming back. We're a too-rare species in California, I miss hearing it around me.

  5. I love it, how beautiful. I definitely know it looks better on Bertha May then it would on me, LOL

    I like your countdown to Spring too, I am so ready for some outside weather.

  6. That "Be Sweet" yarn is very new to me (I can see how much fun it would be to knit with in the same way variegated yarn is exciting)...I love the different textures of the finished wrap. Very delicate and I must say Bertha May looks stunning :)

    Thanks for sending the award back to me are very sweet and you make my day, too :)

  7. Hey!
    I ran across your blog today, and I thought you would like to have my sister's blogs for Christian girls!
    She loves comments!

  8. Hello,
    Thank you so much for visiting my Tea Rose blog... my little sister is advertising for me (she is very kind). I am glad you were blessed and I hope you visit again! :)
    Lovely work you have here... very beautiful.
    Keep it up!
    Blessing in Christ,

  9. oh that is such a gorgeous wrap! I love the pattern and the colours. It's just beautiful. You do create so many lovely items.

    ps: you make my day too.

  10. I just love that wrap, the yarn is awesome looking!!!

    You so deserve that award!!


  11. You've been tagged!
    See my blog.

  12. Congratulations on the award! The wrap is beautiful - I think it's my favorite one I've ever seen!


  13. Wow! the yarn really makes the frilly wrap special! Bertha has completley lost her head over that

  14. It's very pretty! I love all the different kinds of yarn together. By the way, you ALWAYS make my day!

  15. What a terrific wrap! Looks so cute on Bertha!

  16. Wow Wee that is beautiful!! I could just see myself wrapped in pretty. Have a lovely Valentine's Day!



  17. What an interesting wrap! Very unique yarn...I love it.

  18. You make such gorgeous wraps and capelets. This one just looks so Victorian. It's beautiful. I love the pics of the landscape out there too. Makes me ready for another trip to the mountains.

  19. Ohhhh that is a beautiful wrap! I so wish I could make something similar for myself with Be Sweet yarn. Problem is that the yarn is made in South Africa, and being South African myself, would y'all believe that the exquisite yarn is not available right here? ... Yep, it's true! *sigh*

    Ahhh well, ya win some ya lose some I guess huh? ...Happy Knitting! *S*


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