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Tuesday, April 28, 2009


It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood. A beautiful day for...gardening, but first here's a picture of Muguets by Danielle Cote.  It's a free pattern - sweet.  Lilies in other words. No ma'am, this little knit will not be washing dishes or anything else for that matter.
Lily of the Valley, so sweet smelling. Odiferously supreme, I say.
Sweet woodruff in the herb garden. It's scent is spicy and heady, but never high-minded. ;)
Sweet columbine....sweet like most everything in the South, Honey Child. :) Youngest gave this to me last year, and it seems to have adapted well after leaving it's home in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. Our sweet tater farm for this season is in full-swing. As soon as the sprouts are about 4 inches long I'll snap them off their mama and root them in sand before planting them in our for-real garden.Can you spot our male Towhee in the picture below? Hint: Look dead center in the pic. Click the pic to see him better.  Isn't he sweet as he sits in one of our sugar maple trees? Another of my favorite birds. The bird house with no floor or front to the left of Mr. Towhee is the housing for an electric fence box. A good reuse for an old birdhouse.These irises smell like grape flavored candy. :) I-ris' you were here!
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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Purgin' & Paintin'

Howdy, Y'all. It's a beautiful day in the foothills.
The sun came up, and the birds are singin' outside. That's outside.
Inside...I'll pour us both a stout cup of coffee. We're gonna to need it, see. In another room there's a deed that must be done.
History: The last time this event was attempted; we got nowhere. This time there's hope. We began last evening: Emptyin' the master bedroom closet of clutter. YEOW! Get out! Well, anyways, that part is in two trash bags, coverin' half the guest room and part of my bedroom floor. And I don't use the word 'coverin' lightly, either. Purgin' accomplished. Today, my mission, should I choose to accept it, is to paint said closet. I'm determined, I'm armed, and I'm goin' in. Well, I've dallied long enough. It's time.
Tweet, tweet, these cool clocks are at a Cracker Barrel Old Country Store near you, hopefully. That's where I got mine, anyways. See you next week, Lord willin'.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Interlopin' and Exasperatin'

Mornin', Y'all. Hope you had a good Easter weekend.
This nest in my bluebird box is not a bluebird nest. It was built by a pair of interlopin', li'l fidgety birds! Carolina Chickadees. (Cute & friendly, but not bluebirds.) They waited till my bluebirds were out looking for worms and moved right in. Sigh. Most of the material used was moss gathered from the ground just below the box, actually. The rest is dried grass along with some green and white acrylic fibers. I have no idea where the fuzzies came from since I haven't put any out for the birds, yet.
Here's a look at the start of the circular shawl I mentioned last week. I made an exasperatin' mistake, then when I noticed it I couldn't look at it for a couple of weeks. I had to tink back eight rows and didn't do that until this morning.
In the meantime to divert my attention from the mistake in the shawl (I knit dishcloths when I'm exasperated, evidently.) I knitted this Vineyard Cloth by Danielle Cote. I changed the border and added a few rows to square it up a bit. See, I can knit after all...maybe, maybe not. We'll see if I get going with the shawl again.
Hope y'all have knitty good week. :)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Dogwood Winter In Tennessee

The dogwood trees were just starting to bloom then our weather roller coaster sent us a light overnight freeze. It's rainy/snowy and in the low thirties here today with a hard freeze expected for tonight. But wait, tomorrow it will be back up in the sixties.
Not complainin' just sayin'.
Back in February Goodman and I trimmed our pear trees, and I saved a few switches for rooting. I dipped them in a rooting compound and put them in potting soil. I'm hoping they do well enough to set out later in the fall. We'll see. Here they are doing pretty well so far.
I've been knitting a few lacy dishcloths. This one is the Little Flower Buds pattern. I I tried to find a link for the free pattern, but I couldn't find it, sorry.This one is Lacy Diamonds from the Monthly Dishcloths Group at yahoo. I guess I'm on a lacy, purple roll, huh. The color is S&C Grape. I also started a circular shawl but forgot to get a picture. No, it's not purple...chuckles. That would have been a good color, though.
My spring cleanin' is goin' ever so slowly what with so many patterns to choose from. oO
Have a great week, Y'all.