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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Dogwood Winter In Tennessee

The dogwood trees were just starting to bloom then our weather roller coaster sent us a light overnight freeze. It's rainy/snowy and in the low thirties here today with a hard freeze expected for tonight. But wait, tomorrow it will be back up in the sixties.
Not complainin' just sayin'.
Back in February Goodman and I trimmed our pear trees, and I saved a few switches for rooting. I dipped them in a rooting compound and put them in potting soil. I'm hoping they do well enough to set out later in the fall. We'll see. Here they are doing pretty well so far.
I've been knitting a few lacy dishcloths. This one is the Little Flower Buds pattern. I I tried to find a link for the free pattern, but I couldn't find it, sorry.This one is Lacy Diamonds from the Monthly Dishcloths Group at yahoo. I guess I'm on a lacy, purple roll, huh. The color is S&C Grape. I also started a circular shawl but forgot to get a picture. No, it's not purple...chuckles. That would have been a good color, though.
My spring cleanin' is goin' ever so slowly what with so many patterns to choose from. oO
Have a great week, Y'all.


  1. Your lacy cloths are so pretty!

    I do hope the pear tree cuttings survive and flourish.

  2. Oh I like your dish cloths! Their much nicer than the ones I'm doing, course, the one I'm doing is the only one I have.
    We're having snow here today. I'm kinda worried bout my new strawberry plants, hope they survive.
    My GD's love to gather eggs. Makayla,is so allergic to eggs, that she can't gather them unless she wears gloves. Makes it a little hard for her, but it's the only way she can help if she wants to.

  3. Love the lacy cloths. They are lovely!
    What a great idea about the pear tree. I may just have to give it a try. Thank you for your advice and great inspiration as always!

  4. I love the dishcloths!!
    We are on a weather rollercoaster too - ugh.

  5. I love those dishcloths. I wish I could find purple cotton around here!

    I hope your pear trees do well. I am salivating at the thought of biting into a ripe, juicy pear. I love 'em!

  6. Yes, the weather has been odd, to say the least!!

    It was in the 60's on Sunday, so I cleaned out the area where I planned on planting your lilies, put them in the ground and all looked well--until yesterday :(

    It snowed!! Cold, blustery winds!! Last night they looked a little droopy--hoping, hoping, hoping they will revive because by Sunday it is supposed to be nice again!! Go figure!!

    I've made both of those dishcloths myself--love the lacey look!! Purple, hmmm....I don't have any dishcloths in purple--they all have been given away (like most of them!). But, yours are beautiful!!

    Can't wait to see pics of the shawl!!


  7. Nice post, mum:) Looks like the
    pear orchard is in the works. An' that flower buds cloth is tops. It
    kinda makes me think of hyacinths.
    VA is havin' the same wild ride. Sad thing is that all the spring-blooming flowers and trees were just in full swing. This weather's
    throwin' Evie and Reina (pups) into a fit, they don't know whether to shed or take up knittin' afghans.

  8. Warm by day, freezing by night--good maple sugar weather.

    Dogwoods are very rare here, mostly planted by Easterners like me who miss them.

    What kind of pear? My favorites are Seckel pears, which are tiny but have an intense, marvelous flavor. They don't grow in California. They need a lot more cold than we get.

  9. you have a green thumb! you could probably get a cedar fence post
    to sprout!

  10. I hope your pear switches take root, it is a shock to nature when the buds are coming out and we get a freeze. Your lacy dishcloths are nice, I wish I could do that but two left thumbs. Hope you have a nice Easter.

  11. Love your purple cloths especially the little flower bud pattern :) Knitting and computing both seem to distract me from all the things I should be doing especially when I'll be having a full house Sunday ;)

    You must have a green thumb :)

    Happy spring and happy Easter :)

  12. Thanks, hope I do win the nest box. I'm gona need plenty of them. As soon as the coop is finished, I've got 3 young hens that are already laying arriving.


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