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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Li'l Flora Here, Li'l Fauna There

This little guy has been singin' his heart out everyday for at least a week now. He's been flyin' in and out of our firethorn bush, perchin' on a fence post and singin' like there's no tomorrow. Surely it's springtime in the South.
Speakin' of the South, the Confederate Violets are bloomin' now but only on the southern side of the house. Hmm...wonderin' if that has something to do with their name.
We have mourning doves all year long, a familiar sight for us. The tree is a sugar maple. No nest building yet, but the bluebirds continue to check on their lodging everyday. Seems to be okay with them.
I have a small collection of bird books, and one of my favorites is this old Field Book of Wild Birds and Their Music. The copyright is 1904. It's the only one I have that has musical notations along with the drawings of the birds. Finally, the creeping phlox is in full bloom.I should be doin' a little spring cleanin' now.
Have a super week, Y'all. :)


  1. The flora is sure getting pretty! Don't you just love spring!! I do, it's my favorite time!

  2. we have a bossy mockingbird that
    tries to hog the birdbath!

  3. I reckon nothin' says spring
    much more than a Confederate
    Violet a-yawnin' and smilin'
    up at the vernal sun.

  4. Blog surfing this morning and came across your site.
    Beautiful photos!! I am looking out my window here in MN to see a slushy white snow covering. Nice to see others have made it to the spring weathere.

  5. I loved all your pictures. I've never heard of, or seen, a Confederate violet. It's lovely!

  6. Love your photos!

    We had many a violet like that in our yard, growing up in Maryland, but nobody ever called'em Confederates. Maybe because Maryland stayed neutral in the war? (The Feds arrested half the legislature so they couldn't vote to secede; troops protecting DC were stationed on Maryland soil.)

    Okay, now, question for you: looking at Amazon, I found a 1904 copy, and there's a 2007 reprinting; do I need to buy the 2007 one to get color pictures?

    So anyway, we had purple violets and white violets with purple centers.

  7. Once again I feel the need to visit the beautiful foothills of the Great Smokey Mountains. Lovely

  8. What can I say except beautiful, just beautiful.

    When are we leaving, Kathy? You get in your new car, drive to PA and then we'll head further south--sound like a plan???


  9. Wow those are some neat books. I love old stuff. The birds a really pretty and your flowers are just beautiful as always. =) Take care

  10. Oh my ... the creeping phlox is breath taking. Violets are my favorite flowers. They're beautiful. I don't cut the grass in patches where the wild violets bloom. :-)

    I love the bird book! I'd love to play the music to hear the songs.

    It's Spring in West Virginia. I'm so excited. I purchased a raspberry bush. I will plant it tomorrow. I just know it's going to be great!! lol I've never had one before. I hope you don't have to have two to get them to produce.

    Thanks for the beautiful, happy pictures.

    Your West Virginia friend,
    Lesley Ann

  11. What beautiful photos!
    Thank you so much for the info about Ravelry. I crocheted me some coasters today. It's so fun to learn a new craft.

  12. I just love phlox and the color you show is my favorite. That would be nice to have a bird book with bird music in it.

  13. More beautiful photos, and what a neat old book you have! How interesting that the pages have musical notes in them.

    Your doilies are very pretty and look great with the teacups!

  14. The violets are so beautiful and the phlox too. I love your bird photos and learning about new-to-me birds. I'm amazed by the musical notes in your bird book.

  15. Fabulous photos :) I can see why you treasure that bird book...very special indeed!!

  16. Lot's of cute birdies by us too. I love your vintage bird books. The one with the music is extra cool!

  17. thanks for letting me visit the SM! ( and for your vote!) Nice knitting-and crocheting, esprcially the F&F , but where's the Ballbands????

  18. you better be knitting plant warmers,
    there is a freeze tonight!


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