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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Cedar Waxwings

Recently, I was talking on the phone with a friend from church about birds, and she mentioned cedar waxwings. I didn't remember ever seein' any in person, but I was familiar with the bird from reading about them in my bird books. (You knows how I love birds.) Friend said they have a tree full of cedar waxwings, and that the birds like to eat hackberries. I have no hackberry tree. (Where can I get a tree like that I wondered, but little did I know.) Next day, what showed up at my birdbath? A. Cedar. Waxwing. It was very timid but it hung around determined to wait out the robins (that tried to discourage from getting a drink from "their" birdbath.) Soon the robins left, so the little waxwing drank and drank. Finally, it flew off, and I went pourin' through my books to be sure I was identifying it correctly. I was. After a little while it came back with a whole flock of cedar waxwing friends. My books say they are very sociable and live in flocks aside from the breeding season. I'm in bird heaven, I tell you, having spotted them here in my own yard and so soon after talking about them, but I still want a hackberry tree. ;) I took this picture of them at the birdbath to show you. Try to ignore the window screen and click for a big pic. They're cute as buttons.

I mentioned last week that I'd been knittin' and crochetin' a bit. I'm working on a couple of patterns, but the last row of this hot pad gave me a little trouble so that I'm not confident enough to share it, yet. I need someone(s) who crochets to proof the pattern for me, please. If you're interested, just email me at foothillsgsm at yahoo dot com with Crochet Hotpad in the subject line and I'll send it to you asap. Thanks!


  1. Loved the close-up--thank you for that. So THAT'S a cedar waxwing! I've certainly seen them before, I just didn't remember what they were called.

  2. I love birds! I always put out feeders,birdbaths,hummimgbird feeders. Aren't you glad you got such a good group in your photo? You could send some up morth, but I don't have a hackleberry tree either.

  3. So excited you got to see the birds you wanted. Oh and I crochet and will be happy to test your pattern if you still need one.

  4. When I lived in the country I had cedar waxwings, this one pair always built in my maple tree, right on the edge of the branches, consequently when the wind blew and bowed the branch the eggs rolled out and smashed on the ground, this happened for a couple summers. Very nice photos, I am glad you got to meet the birds in person.

  5. Wow, that's an excellent picture (when clicked to enlarge)! I have never looked them up to see, but I think they must only pass through my area when they are migrating in the spring. I've only ever seen them in my yard here in town twice in the 17 years we've lived in our house.

    Last spring was the first time I managed to get a picture of them. Mine wasn't as good as yours, as dusk was setting in when the large flock flew into one of our trees. They are gorgeous birds!

  6. we have the cedar waxwing/robin
    birdbath competition too-birds do not like to share the water! they have been eating berries somewhere
    and leaving the seeds in the birdbath!

  7. Awww, the birds are cute. That's so funny how they just started visiting you right after you and your friend talked about them. Hmmm.
    The hot pad is looking great.
    I may be passing though your neck of the woods next weekend. It looks like your trees have nice buds on them. Maybe I will get blessed with warm spring weather in Canton.

  8. We've had cedar waxwings in our yard once or twice but mostly they fly over or around our area.

    That hotpad is sooo pretty.
    ps: I am crocheting a tulip cloth right now, I hope I can make it look nice enough so I don't embarrass your wonderful design.

  9. your hot pad looks great. Thanks for sharing your birdy photos!

  10. Aww...they are cute! I don't think I've ever seen one of those...will be keeping my eyes open now though.
    Your hot pad looks pretty darn good...wish I could crochet to test it out. *sigh*

  11. Your birds are so beautiful!! I've never seen one of these before--maybe they're not local to my area??

    I haven't seen too many birds except geese and ducks since I've moved. I KNOW they are there, but where?

    Your hot pad looks really nice. I can crochet--do you want me to give it a test run for you?


  12. Hey Tea,
    I know I'm a little slow,(computer issues), but I would love to test your pattern!! From the picture, it looks beautiful! It's amazing, your pictures of the birds!! Haven't seen any robins yet up here.

  13. That is one awesome photo...looks like a painting :)


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