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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tin Can Abbey

Hi! Welcome to Tin Can Abbey. snickers
I couldn't tell you when it began. All's I knows is how wonderful they are for holdin' stuff not to mention pretty cool to look at. Very few of these are empty. I use large ones as canisters and small ones to hold fiddly li'l objects like nails, all the tags from every bush, tree, etc. that I ever planted, etc. Yikes. Save me. Some of my favorites came with cookies in them and have windup music boxes in the lids.I've given several tins away, but I'm a thinkin' it didn't hurt me any.
The next three tins are old popcorn tins. Goodman loves his popcorn so I always get him one when they're fresh in the stores. This is my favorite of them. I could live in that scene. I'm keepin' dog food in it. I like the lid of this one.I keep bird seed in this one.This is the only tin that I keep yarn in, but it holds quite a few balls of dishcloth cotton. Um, no this isn't all the tins I have, but I don't want to overwhelm anyone. ;) If you enjoyed perusin' these pictures of my tins I can tell you I'm not the only person who collects them. Recently, as I was cruisin' Ravelry I ran across a new group called What's In Your Altoid Tin?. There you can find some nifty ideas on how knitters use and alter empty tins. I rarely alter mine except for the time I threw one in a fire to burn off the paint. It worked very well. Goodman used it for making char cloth and as a tinderbox back when we did living history reenactments.

I made this fleece blanket last week for Firstborn's birthday. The tutorial is in the sidebar.
Have I been knitting? Yes, some. Have I been crocheting? Yes, but I've been loafin' alot more. Truth is good. See you next week, the Good Lord willing!


  1. Nothin' wrong with a little loafin'.

    Tin boxes with musical lids? How cool is that!

  2. OMG! I knew there was a reason I was drawn to this blog! I LOVE tins!!! I've never gathered them up for a pic,heaven help me if I do, but, I love tins!!
    See ya next week! Oh, the blanket is lovely!

  3. Wow, what a collection and very impressive. I don't have that many, the blanket is very pretty.

  4. I have several tins too, LOVE them. I just don't have a place to show them off so some are packed away and even I don't know where they are anymore

  5. Wow, you got even more'n I remember! Tins are definitely a good thing (I'm sure Martha would agree). Did I really count 45 or is this a delightful hallucination?

  6. great tin treasure! waste not want not! recycle reuse! thrifty!

  7. Wow, those are really neat tins. I like the one with the bird the best. Love the blanket. Hope that you are doing well. Have a great weekend!

  8. Lovely tins, I especially like that Hershey's Milk Chocolate tin. I'm imagining it filled to the top with chocolately goodness.

    Your blankie is beautiful.

  9. Oh, your tins are beautiful!! And now I'm sorry to say that when I moved my son actually THREW AWAY some of my popcorn tins!! Oh, well--there are more to be had!!

    All moved and waiting for Spring to begin working outside--can't wait!!

    Beautiful baby blanket--I'll have to look up these directions--I have some new babies coming into my life this fall--not my own children--a friend's new grandchildren--two in the same month!!


  10. Hey Tea,
    The blanket is very pretty and looks very comfy!! Love the tins. Did you all get snow!?? Looks like a lot of people down your way did!!

  11. Howdy there stranger! lol I sure have missed blog hopping.
    I love your tins!! Specially the snowman one.
    The blankie is soo pretty. I love the shades of blue.

  12. Your tins are great. I have a bunch of old tins too...can't throw them away. I even have a real old saltine tin. Just wish I had a better place to keep them. You really have a beautiful collection. Never heard of them having music boxes in the lid though...that's really news to me :)


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