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Monday, September 14, 2009

Flowers, Fly Swatters & Fasteners

Another nasturtium finally bloomed. Did you know they're edible and can be used in salads? I haven't yet since I have so few of them, but next year maybe I will.
A little more Ivy League knitting...Checkmate by Emily it is.Try not to mistake this one for a pumpkin. lolI finished the little shoulder shawl. Details here.
About a year ago I broke one of my Knitpick's Harmony needles, a US #4 needle. I didn't want to just throw it away and kept it thinkin' I would find a use for it sooner or later. Last weekend I sanded the broken end with fine grit sandpaper, applied a little furniture polish to finish it off nicely, and now, it can be used alone or in combination with this bangle as a shawl pin. I'd rather have a nice plain circle, but I found this laying around..maybe one of the grandgals left it. Looks like it's mine now...chuckles.
A bloom from the genus fli swattus. ;)
Hope your week is full of blossom after blossom.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Oh, PaShawl

Happy Labor Day, Y'all. Hope you're having a nice extended weekend.
This nasturium blossom is very late bloomin 'cause I planted a whole packet of them in part shade instead of in the sun. I won't do that again.
Isn't this sock yarn beautiful? Two skeins of this Koigu Painter's Palette was a gift to me from a very nice blogger. My new ball winder sure came in handy here. It's from Knitpicks, and can be clamped to a table or held by hand.
I'm crocheting a small shawl or large scarf with the yarn...don't know which it will be just yet. I'm using Lion Brand's Bridal Shawl pattern. Using sock yarn instead of worsted weight it will be much smaller than the model, but I love how the colors pop much better crocheting with it than the color strings knitting produces with this yarn.
Our pink crape myrtle is still heavy with blooms.
Well, I'm off to dig potatoes now, Y'all. See you next week, the Good Lord willin'.