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Monday, September 7, 2009

Oh, PaShawl

Happy Labor Day, Y'all. Hope you're having a nice extended weekend.
This nasturium blossom is very late bloomin 'cause I planted a whole packet of them in part shade instead of in the sun. I won't do that again.
Isn't this sock yarn beautiful? Two skeins of this Koigu Painter's Palette was a gift to me from a very nice blogger. My new ball winder sure came in handy here. It's from Knitpicks, and can be clamped to a table or held by hand.
I'm crocheting a small shawl or large scarf with the yarn...don't know which it will be just yet. I'm using Lion Brand's Bridal Shawl pattern. Using sock yarn instead of worsted weight it will be much smaller than the model, but I love how the colors pop much better crocheting with it than the color strings knitting produces with this yarn.
Our pink crape myrtle is still heavy with blooms.
Well, I'm off to dig potatoes now, Y'all. See you next week, the Good Lord willin'.


  1. Your garden is as gorgeous as ever!

    Beautiful yarns make beautiful shawls, even if it's not the yarn the pattern asks for. I usually crochet with a thinner yarn than the one is recommended, I find it more comfortable (I don't like thicker yarn).

    Hope you're having a nice Labor Day! It's working day here though... :-(

  2. Beautiful shawl--I like how the color is playing in it. And the flowers! Gorgeous!

  3. Oh my goodness, your shawl is stunning! The colors are beautiful! Wow, what great work you do.

    I love your flower pictures. I will miss the flowers when the weather changes.

  4. I wish I were closer, I would love to make a visit to your beautiful garden. I can imagine just how beautiful it must be.:o)

    I cannot wait to see your finished shawl, and what beautiful yarn!:o) Take care my friend and enjoy a lovely week.



  5. The Koigu is a beautiful yarn and I think it looks even nicer with a crocheted pattern. I love the shawl you are making.

    Your flowers are so pretty and colourful. Happy September!

  6. Your shawl/scarf is gorgeous. The colors do pop...amazing how differently a yarn will work up depending on whether it's crochet or knit! Can't wait to see more :)

    happy crocheting :)

  7. Love the colorway of the yarn. It's fabulous when worked on the shawl! Garden is plush!

  8. That flower is so pretty, love its color. That winder is so clever and like the yarn color. I have tried to crouching, with no luck, your shawl is so pretty. The flower myrtle look just like a lilac.. Very nice post, thank you for coming by, have a great weekend, can you believe how fast this week is moving.

  9. The flowers are gorgeous! The shawl is absolutely beautiful!

  10. I love Nasturchiums ! very old fashioned flower!

  11. Dropping by to wish you a beautiful week!:o)



  12. I'm glad your 'sturtiums finally
    bloomed, you should throw a couple
    on your next salad. *grin*
    I almost became envious over your
    ball winder, then I remembered that
    I don't knit enough to be jealous..
    And I can bring my yarn down, next


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