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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Pink, Purple, Pretty

I'm currently knitting pink cloths in an array of shapes and sizes for the main bathroom. We're having lots of guests lately, so I want a good variety of cloths for them to choose from. Oh, the pink with be for the ladies. I'll start knitting several burgundy and green for the guys when the pinks are all finished.

The lavender/purple cloth is one I'd done as a KAL months ago but never photographed. I recently finished the plain garter stitch cloth to make a gift set trio along with the DW. I'll be sending the set to a niece along with a few bars of green apple soap.

I made this textured slip stitch cloth extra long to put on the table as a hot pad when I'm serving a hot casserole. I love the way it looks with my old Hoosier cabinet.

I love this bluebird nest! Dh cleaned it out of the birdhouse, and I saved it to show everyone. Those cute peeps are so full of ingenuity. The pink stuff is Easter basket grass. I'm still looking for a nest that might have some of my yarn or wool in it.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Mid-May KAL

Here ' my impatiens a heart attack. (I must pot them today; they've waited so patiently while I ignored them.) It'll be interesting to see what the pattern of the cloth is called. *
Come close...very close. :)) I'm surprised my camera cooperated so well on this one. Hmm...maybe I'll read the manual again.

A red one, too? No, I was playing around taking pictures with the cloth pinned to a sheer curtain. I wanted to see light through the yarn overs...this one was taken with the flash on the camera covered...not too bad in red though I have to say. :))
*update, Stepping Stones it is.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Katherine, Tagged

Meet Katherine, who will be 33 years old sometime this summer. She may look young, but I crocheted her for my oldest daughter back in the early 70s....who promptly pushed her aside for Baby Beans. (Remember that sweet little hard-faced heart stealer?) I ran across K while cleaning out a closet this week and thought I'd post her picture. On closer inspection I think she's going to need a bath and a few new stitches to perk up that messy hair. I declare it looks like she's been in the cookie jar!

I was tagged by Mrs. B , the Knitorious Mrs. B, that is. And the rules are... you must reveal 7 random facts about yourself, then you need to tag 7 others and list their names on your blog. I have to leave those I tag a note in their blog comments letting them know they have been tagged.... but I don't know who would want to be tagged or not and don't want to offend, so if you read this then consider yourself tagged. Leave me a note in the comments area if your tagged. Thanks!

7 random facts about Tea:

1. I can't believe there some crazy, invisible truth serum associated with being tagged? anyways...when I was born(ed) I got one of our typically southern-only worse, Billy Bob-style names; only mine is not Jenny Jo or Mary Beth or Lisa May or even Bobbi Lou it's Toni Kay, Yikes!
2. I don't believe we landed on the moon...ever. I know, but I'm happy with it.
3. I spend eleven months of every year waiting for fresh-off-the-vine tomatoes. They must have high acid content i.e., rutgers, marglobes, etc. When the tomatoes are ripe I take a salt shaker outside and....well you get the picture, so enough of that.
4. I don't drink coke or pepsi, (don't y'all know what's in them?;) I drink one lonely Diet Rite a day w/o the moon pie. I don't want them pies following me around the rest of my life. ;)
5. I'm not really a knitter, shucks no, I'm a goat farmer who makes a little soap on the side....really. Proof, you say, click here. No, I don't do mail orders for soap or the goats either...and that's final! :)
6. I don't have or want a television. I prefer good news with no interruptions. :)
7. I figure that's enough, don't y'all?

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Blue-i-oo-i-oo-i-oo-i-oo, Beautiful Blue

It's not a new country song, it's my beautiful blue yarn making it's first knitted appearance.
Be sure to say it like this....bloo-eye-oo.... :)
If you like the color there is still time to order a cone of this yarn before the special at Elmore-Pisgah runs out. The rooster pattern is here.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Lily of the Valley

A home school friend of ours gave me a start 0f these several years ago. I love lilies of all kinds, but these are my favorite. They're just starting to bloom. Among leaves that got frozen a few weeks ago this clematis is blooming beautifully. I was a little doubtful whether it would live at first with all the abnormal freezing.

Yarn, Beautiful Blue Yarn

I'm happy as a chicken with a big, fat junebug! Yes! Too bad this beautiful yarn is not available all the time. This royal blue color is part of an overrun on a special order at Elmore-Pisgah
It's still going on as of today, so hurry if you want to order. :)
Now, I can finally knit a few dishcloths that match the wallpaper in my kitchen... clickety, click:))

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Another Batch of Roosters and DW

I've been busy knitting another set of rooster cloths. I really like this pattern that is available here. I've done so many of these you'd think I'd be tired of the pattern, but I'm not. I probably won't keep any of them, though. My kitchen is done in a medium blue toile so they don't really go with my decor. However, I've order several cones of beautiful blue yarn that should arrive any day now....can't wait.:))How's this for a little color? :) The DW cloths below were knitted from a free pattern that's is also available at the same link as the rooster cloth, thanks to the generosity of the designer.