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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Katherine, Tagged

Meet Katherine, who will be 33 years old sometime this summer. She may look young, but I crocheted her for my oldest daughter back in the early 70s....who promptly pushed her aside for Baby Beans. (Remember that sweet little hard-faced heart stealer?) I ran across K while cleaning out a closet this week and thought I'd post her picture. On closer inspection I think she's going to need a bath and a few new stitches to perk up that messy hair. I declare it looks like she's been in the cookie jar!

I was tagged by Mrs. B , the Knitorious Mrs. B, that is. And the rules are... you must reveal 7 random facts about yourself, then you need to tag 7 others and list their names on your blog. I have to leave those I tag a note in their blog comments letting them know they have been tagged.... but I don't know who would want to be tagged or not and don't want to offend, so if you read this then consider yourself tagged. Leave me a note in the comments area if your tagged. Thanks!

7 random facts about Tea:

1. I can't believe there some crazy, invisible truth serum associated with being tagged? anyways...when I was born(ed) I got one of our typically southern-only worse, Billy Bob-style names; only mine is not Jenny Jo or Mary Beth or Lisa May or even Bobbi Lou it's Toni Kay, Yikes!
2. I don't believe we landed on the moon...ever. I know, but I'm happy with it.
3. I spend eleven months of every year waiting for fresh-off-the-vine tomatoes. They must have high acid content i.e., rutgers, marglobes, etc. When the tomatoes are ripe I take a salt shaker outside and....well you get the picture, so enough of that.
4. I don't drink coke or pepsi, (don't y'all know what's in them?;) I drink one lonely Diet Rite a day w/o the moon pie. I don't want them pies following me around the rest of my life. ;)
5. I'm not really a knitter, shucks no, I'm a goat farmer who makes a little soap on the side....really. Proof, you say, click here. No, I don't do mail orders for soap or the goats either...and that's final! :)
6. I don't have or want a television. I prefer good news with no interruptions. :)
7. I figure that's enough, don't y'all?


  1. Wow, Katherine looks just great for her age!! She has reminded me of the raggedy anne doll my mom ( not a sewer, but with lots of help from friends and was she ever proud of that doll :) ) made for me. I have it around some where. Feel the need to find her....

  2. Hakucho, I'd love to see a picture of your doll! Raggedy Anne was the inspiration for K, too, but I didn't have a pattern and just winged it with what yarn I had on hand. Can't wait to see yours. :)

  3. Love the salt shaker idea! This i will do!
    I live on summer vine ripe tomatoes! I planted best boy, early girl, goliath, whopper, plum grape and cherry last week.

    Thanks for being a good sport!

  4. Katherine is gorgeous! Your dishcloth came out great! I have yet to CO!

  5. I haven't seen that doll in years...I can remember carrying her around....sigh...back when life was easy. It is nice to see her again. I thought she had gotten thrown out. I am glad to see she is still around.


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