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Thursday, November 2, 2017

Fall in the Foothills

We had a frosty morning on Monday that left most of the morning glories limp. I had taken this photo last month on a
balmy 80°F day.

The Grands and I made our annual pilgrimage to Kyle Carver Orchards in Cosby, Tenn.

  We had lunch in the restaurant then, as usual, we bought more apples than we should have.  ;)

This handy apple peeler-corer-slicer made quick work of the preparations for apple butter and fried apples.  It has a lever that draws the rubber pad on the bottom up so it will suction to a countertop or other solid surface and remain stationary during use.

Love my kitchen tools.

Before we traveled to Virginia for the wedding that I'd made the mints for, I made turtles to add some culinary interest to the 4-hour trip.

The recipe is here if you're interested in making them for the holidays or just because they are sooo delicious.

The recipe makes a lot of them so you can half it if you like.

These rose petals are from our Peach Drift Roses, and they smell divine.  I plan to use them in the next batch of soap I make.

Dyed sheep graze in pastures in Bathgate, Scotland for tourists to photograph and buzz about.
Hope you are having a lovely fall.