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Thursday, December 31, 2009

So Long, Farewell, Alas Goodbye

2009 - twas a very good year- lookin' on the bright side, that is. (Did the title make you think I was leavin' the bloggin' scene? I might sometime but not just yet. You ain't that lucky...ha ha.)
Have a cheesecake truffle and think on the good things. Youngest made these and did pretty well, I think.
If you haven't had breakfast then have an apple pancake. They're good, too.
My stars, yes, this is another ditto post. Another round of six-point stars. This time in two colors.These stars are stiff as boards. I soaked them in liquid starch and pinned them to make the points sharp.
Who knew? Goodman sportin' his fingerless electricians' mitts. And here I thought fingerless mitts were exclusive to our lil knitting world. o.OA red-bellied woodpecker on a grey, gray day.And just like that woodpecker, I'm still hangin' around.
Happy New Year, Y'all!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Lacy, Starry, Flaky

It's been a starry kind of week as I've been crocheting these six-point stars. The tutorial for five-point stars is free at The Royal Sisters. And you may want to check out the other tutorials there; they're very well done. I just added a cluster of doubles and chains on the base row for six-points.
I sprayed them with spray starch and blocked them to sharpen the points in a room-full of bad lighting...oh, it's bad.
Nine starchy stars in a stack.
Nine starchy stars not in a stack.

One hangin' away from the pack.Stringin' along, singin' a song, hangin' out with very frosty friends.... on my old Hoosier cabinet.Hope your week is goin' as cool/cold as mine. :)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Ditto My Last Post, Well...Sorta

We were out-of-town over the weekend and missed our first snow. I hear we got about two inches. This is what was left on the deck Monday morning...just enough to blow the cover of a nightly visitor. 'Coon tracks; they are. :)
I whipped the bindin' on this baby animal print fleece for a gift. Whipped? You wonder. Uh huh, 'cause I've sewn for 40+ years. And I can tell you that even sewing gets easier as you go along; yes, it does. Just wait - someday you'll cross the sewin' bridge from Labored to Whipped just like I did. Tutorial is in the sidebar. See, I'm constantly repeating myself. I should just type ditto and leave. :P The fabric is from Walmart if you're interested in doin' one yourself. (I know, I'm tryin' to boycott that store, too, but I gave in for the fleece. Stone me softly, please.)
This is not the fleece from my last post. No. It's cotton fabric in the same print. Am I blessed or what? Now, to decide...whether we get out the sewin' machine again or...
finish this crocheted ____? You get twenty guesses for what this is going to be, and the first nineteen even don't count. _chuckles_See you next time..the Good Lord willin'. :)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

This Blankey's Fer Me

2 posts in the same week = Bloggin' Restitution
Oh sure, there is such a thing... chuckles.. makin' up for lost time, I am. There will be no rakin' leaves for me today. I'm ignorin' those maple leaves on the ground under that stubborn tree and bloggin' instead. Look what great, rich colored fruit and BIRDS (somebody pinch me!) on this fleece fabric.
I grabbed some blanket binding and...some thread just a few hours I had a cozy blanket for my nest on the loveseat.
The tutorial is right there in the sidebar. --------------------------->Fleece & bindin' are at your local craft store.
By the way, two yards fits a twin bed. Go ahead; make a kid happy.
Sew, see you soon, the good Lord willin'. :)