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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Ditto My Last Post, Well...Sorta

We were out-of-town over the weekend and missed our first snow. I hear we got about two inches. This is what was left on the deck Monday morning...just enough to blow the cover of a nightly visitor. 'Coon tracks; they are. :)
I whipped the bindin' on this baby animal print fleece for a gift. Whipped? You wonder. Uh huh, 'cause I've sewn for 40+ years. And I can tell you that even sewing gets easier as you go along; yes, it does. Just wait - someday you'll cross the sewin' bridge from Labored to Whipped just like I did. Tutorial is in the sidebar. See, I'm constantly repeating myself. I should just type ditto and leave. :P The fabric is from Walmart if you're interested in doin' one yourself. (I know, I'm tryin' to boycott that store, too, but I gave in for the fleece. Stone me softly, please.)
This is not the fleece from my last post. No. It's cotton fabric in the same print. Am I blessed or what? Now, to decide...whether we get out the sewin' machine again or...
finish this crocheted ____? You get twenty guesses for what this is going to be, and the first nineteen even don't count. _chuckles_See you next time..the Good Lord willin'. :)


  1. Oh my goodness. As I was reading your post and looking at the beautiful fabric I realized how much I've missed your blog. I've not done much knitting or crocheting since last spring. I'm thinking of making a blanket for my cousin's baby. She loves baby dolls and wants to keep them covered so I'll make a matching one for the doll. :-)

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

    Your West Virginia friend :-)
    Lesley Ann

  2. I envy anyone that has talent, I was not blessed with any. I just admire others and that is no problem with me. I would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  3. Oh, it snowed! Did you know it never snows where I live? Well, it did once when I was 3 or 4, and I couldn't enjoy it because my grandma shut me in house in fear I caught a cold. No raccoons either! :-)

    I still haven't sewn that fleece blanket I told you about. Too lazy? Maybe, but... you'll see why soon.

    Take care!

  4. Pretty. Got it on one guess. I win!

  5. that is the cutest animal print !
    my sewing by hand is not too good !
    sort of like chicken scratchings !
    I need to practice my hand sewing skills !

  6. Ahh, snow. It was a good'un, I feel sorry for people who don't get snow. It falls and muffles sound so that when it's snowing (unless the wind's whippin') it's so quiet that it's loud. Very peaceful, til the first snowball, then it's war.

  7. You are so crafty! I always love stopping by your blog :)

  8. You my friend do such beautiful work. The snow is beautiful and those little footprints, the perfect snow scene.:o) Christmas is only a few days away, how wonderful! Enjoy a lovely week.



  9. I've been sooo busy, I haven't had time to blog on my own blog, but I cannot miss checking your blog to see what clever beauty you've been creating! Your so very talented! Don't have a clue what your making, can't what to see!

  10. Snow! I'm jealous. I'm hoping for a white Christmas this year.... I can dream.

  11. Yay, you got snow! We got snow too. I love snow.

    I love your print fleece and I don't know what it is you are crocheting but it is beautiful.


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