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Saturday, March 3, 2018

On the Verge of Spring in the Foothills

Hello from the foothills where the bluebirds are already house hunting in earnest and thoughtfully waiting for the winter to pass.

A couple of posts back I had mentioned that our Budding Herbalist had been down for a visit, but I failed to mention that she was spreading her wings as a sewist and had made this lovely laundry bag.

She's all about details and likes whatever she does to be a step away from the norm.

She was back this week and this time wanted to try watercolor painting.

Her first attempt fairly burs-ted with color.

 Meanwhile I busied myself finishing this spring-y crochet scarf/shawl.  It's called the Midsummer Garden Shawlette by Kristin Omdahl.  The video instructions and chart information is here, and there is another video therefor lefties to make the same shawl.  I think it's perfect for filling in those much too low necklines that dress designers are so fond of these days.  I'll just go ahead and say I don't care to see anyone's anything that ought to be covered up.  I'm just old enough to be over it and don't mind saying so.  ;)

I thought I had dug up all the daffodils that were in the pasture several years ago, but we have a bumper crop of them out there this year.  I'm calling 2018 the Year of the Daffodils.

One of our ever-present grumpy looking, yet beautiful Cardinals.

Happily my begonia cuttings made it through the winter and will be potted soon, Lord willin'.

More dyed sheep from the Scottish Highlands.

This photo is too pretty for words, but I think someone has doctored it a little bit.  Have a lovely week y'all.

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