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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Curiously, You Can Make Just About Anything Right At Home ...

 It's true ... after reading this post online I tried making my own "curiously strong" mints. And, sure enough, they were.
 The gum paste can be found in the cake decorating department of your local craft or grocery store. ETA: The oils are from a local candy and cake supply store, Sugarbaker's. (Kroger used to carry LorAnn oils in the pharmacy, but I don't know if they still do.)

The paste just needs a little color and flavor worked in which is really easy to do.

 Then you roll it out flat ...

 And cut it into whatever size you want your mints to be, then let them dry until they are hard all the way to the center. These are chocolate/creme de menthe. They were a hit with our granddaughters.

My favorite is cinnamon, curiously. O.o 

 Other than making a mess in the kitchen, I've started piecing another quilt. (I was told it can be addictive, and that seems to be true.)

 These are stacks of blocks for the Lemon Squares quilt, 8 each.

 Sorry about the poor quality of these white-throated sparrow pics. The sun is hiding from us here in the foothills.

Oh, the feeder has been refilled with suet for this hungry mite. Have a great weekend, Y'all!