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Friday, September 26, 2008

Dishrag Tag, the Best Li'l Game Around

My turn finally arrived yesterday around 11 a.m.; I was the 11th member of our team to get the box. Uh oh, elevens. I hoped I didn't see a pattern developing. Would it take me 11 hours to knit the cloth? If so, I wouldn't be able to take the box to the post office until the next day. Worse, we could even end up in last place. Would I sink my team into the hall of lackadaisical dishrag knitting shame? I sure hoped not, but read on, knitters, read on...I retrieved the box from my mailbox, ran into the house, and grabbed a knife to open the box. Surprises! I gloried in my treats for a full five minutes...long enough to stuff my mouth full of candy corn a few times, then I signed onto the DRT site and entered the required data. That done, I copied the pattern and pressed determinedly into knitting the dishcloth for the next member. Now, I'm not a fast knitter as I usually enjoy each stitch individually, which can take me well into a second day for just one cloth, but I knew this time had to be different. I cast on counting twice to be sure. At the end of first row of the border I hit an early snag. An extra stitch! What's the matter with me??
I cast on again, counted the stitches three times and began the border. I knit and knit. Oh no, five rows later a mistake on the same row! I had to tink back several times as if I had just learned to knit the day before. The beginnings of a li'l ol' dishrag shouldn't take this long if you don't coddle each stitch, should it? 12 p.m. ....AACCKK!!! What to do now?
Break time, I needed it. I walked around a bit then I grabbed a handful of grapes, more candy corn and got back to work. I began the pattern after the border. The directions said to repeat a certain part THREE MORE TIMES ..yikes! I knit & knit & knit. Three hours came and went. I made it to the finishing border. Knit, knit, knit. Finally, I was done with the cloth in just over three hours!
I pinched myself to be sure it was really me who had knit that cloth in under 4 hours. Sure enough.. it smarted. I then set out to the post office the same day I received the box!!
Woohoo, Y'all! The box is on its way for a naturally regal Cotton Queens finish.
Now, here's a look at my treats from Megan.Megan, thank you for all of my treats in the DRT box! I was talking to Youngest on the phone yesterday when I opened it, so she heard me squealing as I discovered each item you sent. She wants to play next year, now! You were right! Sea Mist is one of my favorite colors of P&C yarn.
The candy corn is nearly all gone as I hadn't bought any yet this year, and it's a tradition with us to devour several bags each year. The truffles are exquisite, of course! I love, love, love the ladybug markers. Blue is my lifelong favorite color & the white one showed up so cute against the blue and green of the cloth as I knitted it. Very cool. My skin loves Nivea & Burt's Bees products! How did you know?You did a fantastic job knitting my cloth, too, and who knew all my appliances are black & white! A closer look at the stitch markers Megan made for me. Here's a look at what I sent in the box to Laura. Yes, still sewing those needle holders.
Sigh, what fun it's been playing Dishrag Tag.

My Orchid Cactus bloomed this week.

Have peaceful week, Y'all..I'll be chillin' .... in the mornin's, that is, as we're getting cooler temps, finally.

Friday, September 12, 2008

A Little Un/Finished Business

Hope you're all enjoying these last weeks of summer. I can't wait for fall to tell you the truth! Goodman and I got these turnips (greens, I love the tops) planted this week. Iitty bitty aren't they, but they grow very fast.
Youngest knitted this little tea cozy for my reproduction 18th century teapot. The two sides are sewn at the bottom but not at the top. I added the ties at the top to accommodate the handle on the top of the pot. This one was knit with Sugar & Cream yarn in the variegated Midnight Magic colorway.
You might not remember that I had started this Shells and Fan afghan last last year. I just this week finished the border. I used Wool-Ease yarn in their Chestnut Heather color.
Recently, Melanie and Trish gave me this Arte de Pico blogging award! They're both such great bloggers! I love visiting their blogs and reading all about their adventures in knitting and everyday life. Thanks, Y'all for thinking of me! Now, I'm passing it on to YOU! Yes, all my blogging friends are deserving of this award...probably more than me. I enjoy your blogs much more than my own so, please, go ahead & take a copy for yourself!

Suzanne gave me with this blogging award just last week! Ain't she sweet!
(Go Cotton Queens! Suzanne & I are on the same team & she gets the DRT box next!)
And now, since I love all the blogs I visit I'm passing this lovely award on to YOU! Please take a copy for your own blog. Thanks! Have a great week, Y'all!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Thanks, Y'all!

A big thank you to all who entered The Great Migration Giveaway!
Goodman drew the names out of my Great Expedition hat (lol, I used it for beekeeping several years ago) in the same order that I listed the prizes in the giveaway post's now time to reveal the winners of the prizes.

First Place winner of the Paper Bag Tote is Trish. Her blog is Thistle & Briar. (My camera was acting up because the batteries needed charging, so I didn't get pictures of the second & third place winners' draw.) Anyways....Second place winner of the dpn/circular needle case is LeAnn. Her blog is Knitting In Kingston Springs.
Third place winner of Gift Wrap, the six-pocket needle case is Laurie. Her blog is Knit2Purl.

Now, I didn't mention this in the giveaway post, but I've been blogging for a little over 18 months & have enjoyed it immensely along with reading every comment you've all left for me. All of your comments have been supportive & encouraging of my knitting, sewing, cooking, trips..whatever, & I appreciate that more than I know how to explain, really. One person in particular, though, has left more comments than anyone else & I have a tote bag left (one of the red city-chicks) that I would like to send that person as my way of saying thank you for being the top commenter on this blog. Without question Hakucho has been visiting here the longest(of those who still visit & comment, she only missed 2 or 3 posts) & faithfully commented on nearly all of my projects..obviously a longsuffering blogger. :)
Again, to all thanks for being here, Y'all.)