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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Thinkin' Cool Thoughts In A Southern Heatwave

I'd never heard of moss roses until last year when our oldest put some out in her yard. Each plant has two or more colors of flowers on the one plant. Nifty. I looked them up and found out they are indigenous to our area, too, but I'd never seen them growing wild that I recall.

Grand-gals love old-fashioned ice cream from the Tic Toc Ice Cream Parlor.Long, long ago and far, far away Goodman was on a military tour in Europe. We found ourselves in a small village in Germany with a handful of other military families. I did a lot of sewing back then with fabrics that one of my sisters fondly called "bullet-proof polyester." Remember those from the 70s? I taught several friends how to sew, also and collected their scraps along with my own. A few years after we were back in the states I sewed those scraps into a full-size quilt top. I'm not a quilter so it's not the greatest and it's never been backed, but every time I look at it those days of sewing with friends while the husbands made the world safe come back clear as a bell. I still remember who sewed what and when they wore their outfits. Lately, I've been thinking about backing it, but what on earth would a person back it with now?
Youngest is making mints for some folks that are having a June wedding. I'm helping just a bit with 108 daisies. Two colored mints take twice as long to make. The upside; they taste like circus peanuts.

Chocolate/hazelnut boots will be on the menu, too.

Hope y'all have a cool week.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Back in the Blogging Chair

Greetings Y'all! I don't know for how long, but for now and until our house sells I'm back online. Yay, my poor thumbs will get to take a break from blogging via phone...heh. Cable internet...oh yeah. ;)
I haven't knitted or crocheted in a while as I've been working in the garden a lot. Keeping all the plants alive has been a challenge with the alternate hot/cold spells we've had this spring. We have a couple of stock tanks that catch rainwater so there has been much carrying of water in the heat and also of covering the plants with buckets for the really cold nights to keep them from freezing.

I've sewn a few things meantime. Goodman likes to wear one of this type of scrub hat thing under his work hats and they were getting old.... so I traced one for a pattern to .....
make five new ones for him; he's good for a while now.

If you've heard any news at all lately you've probably heard about all the storms the South has experienced the past few months. We were a few miles from a tornado when the wind blew the roof off our old goat house. This is one of the boards that held the roof on the structure. It was sticking up in the ground when I found it. I'm glad I was in the house when it speared the yard. o.O

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Poppy-ing In

Hi Y'all, I'm just popping in to say hello, wish all the moms a happy mother's day and let you know I'm still offline so my posting is very sporadic and will be for a while yet. Isn't this poppy something. It's in a pot so I can take it with me when we sell the house. Btw, the sign is out and price is right so we're hoping someone will just love it.
Here's a bouquet of wild Cherokee roses from near our fenceline. They smell wonderful.
Keep smilin', Y'all! See you soon, the Good Lord willin'. :)