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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Thinkin' Cool Thoughts In A Southern Heatwave

I'd never heard of moss roses until last year when our oldest put some out in her yard. Each plant has two or more colors of flowers on the one plant. Nifty. I looked them up and found out they are indigenous to our area, too, but I'd never seen them growing wild that I recall.

Grand-gals love old-fashioned ice cream from the Tic Toc Ice Cream Parlor.Long, long ago and far, far away Goodman was on a military tour in Europe. We found ourselves in a small village in Germany with a handful of other military families. I did a lot of sewing back then with fabrics that one of my sisters fondly called "bullet-proof polyester." Remember those from the 70s? I taught several friends how to sew, also and collected their scraps along with my own. A few years after we were back in the states I sewed those scraps into a full-size quilt top. I'm not a quilter so it's not the greatest and it's never been backed, but every time I look at it those days of sewing with friends while the husbands made the world safe come back clear as a bell. I still remember who sewed what and when they wore their outfits. Lately, I've been thinking about backing it, but what on earth would a person back it with now?
Youngest is making mints for some folks that are having a June wedding. I'm helping just a bit with 108 daisies. Two colored mints take twice as long to make. The upside; they taste like circus peanuts.

Chocolate/hazelnut boots will be on the menu, too.

Hope y'all have a cool week.


  1. Well, didn't know you had grandgals! What a surprise. ;-)
    That quilt looks wonderful. I know there are many others with superb designs but what makes something handmade great is what is behind it. Those memories are unvaluable. I have an unfinished bedspread that was made through the 70's and 80's by my aunt and then my mother. My job is to finish and use it. Wouldn't it be the loveliest when it's done?
    Have a great month of June ahead and keep a couple of these mints for you! ;-)

  2. I LOVE portulaca or at least that is what I thought it was. I used to always plant it because they didn't need much water. Here(MA) though it's an annual.
    Love your quilt top. Have you ever thought of backing it with some color coordinating blanket fleece? That would make one warm blanket! Have a great rest of the week. It's been beautiful here today, but tomorrow we are supposed to be back in the muggies :)

  3. It is so wrong to see a picture of Tic Toc ice cream before eating breakfast.
    The mints look great, btw:D

    Do you know how hard it is to type words correctly after you get used to texting shorthand? (Or would that be shorthanding text?)

  4. Those mints look absolutely delicious as do the chocolate boots. Unfortunately I'm completely off everything sugar related until after the baby gets here.

  5. I love the flowers. Funny I have a doll quilt that was made out of that stuff. Maybe you could look in a thrift store for old clothing to take apart???

  6. Oh my that ice cream looks so good!:o) Yummy mints and chocolate boots, perfect!

    Your quilt is beautiful and holds lovely memories for you, that alone makes it the most beautiful quilt in the world.:o)

    Happy weekend to you and your family.



  7. Your rose moss has bloomed already?! Good grief. It will be about three weeks before mine blooms. It's beautiful and I love that it reseeds itself.

    The ice cream makes my mouth water! I could eat more than the kids I know. I make myself stay away from it most of the time Haha.

    When I was young, a lady in the community who quilted constantly made one for me out of polyester. She backed it with a cotton sheet. It's lasted for 30 years.

    Love your roses in the last post. Thanks for dropping by last week! ;-)


  8. I remember that polyester ! I remember sweating in polyester dresses ! too hot for polyester !
    That polyester would survive a nuclear attack !

  9. Thanks for your sweet comments. Hope you are enjoying a lovely week.



  10. Oh yes, I remember "bullet-proof" polyester double-knits from the 70's ;-) How funny! My poor Mama wore a lot of it to work in the hot, humid Oklahoma summers. I, too, have a quilt she had made that includes some dresses I used to wear that were made of it. Those weren't the days, huh?

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  12. Oh, that polyester knit quilt gave me goosebumps! My grandmomma had a ministry going making those up until she died a few years back at age 99.....she took cast-off clothing and cut it into as big of squares as she could get and sewed them up into quilt tops...she used poly batting, cotton or poly/cotton backing (think cheap ?-mart fabric, old sheets, whatever she could find or was given to her...she used acrylic yarn to tie them. We still sleep under them!

    My brother was born in Germany, while my daddy did peace-keeping military duty after WW2 was over...

    Did I mention I think we might be kindred spirits, lol?!

    Ok, I will quit filling your comment box. Have a great day!
    Missuz C


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