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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Back in the Blogging Chair

Greetings Y'all! I don't know for how long, but for now and until our house sells I'm back online. Yay, my poor thumbs will get to take a break from blogging via phone...heh. Cable internet...oh yeah. ;)
I haven't knitted or crocheted in a while as I've been working in the garden a lot. Keeping all the plants alive has been a challenge with the alternate hot/cold spells we've had this spring. We have a couple of stock tanks that catch rainwater so there has been much carrying of water in the heat and also of covering the plants with buckets for the really cold nights to keep them from freezing.

I've sewn a few things meantime. Goodman likes to wear one of this type of scrub hat thing under his work hats and they were getting old.... so I traced one for a pattern to .....
make five new ones for him; he's good for a while now.

If you've heard any news at all lately you've probably heard about all the storms the South has experienced the past few months. We were a few miles from a tornado when the wind blew the roof off our old goat house. This is one of the boards that held the roof on the structure. It was sticking up in the ground when I found it. I'm glad I was in the house when it speared the yard. o.O


  1. welcome back! I, too, was on hiatus from blogging. been doing some crochet....

  2. I am pea green all over with envy over your old-fashioned roses, Mum! They're lovely!
    It looks to me like your cabbage is doing very well in spite of the heat.
    Hehe, wb to the world of unlimited info and endless annoying advertisements:)

  3. Glad your back online! I know you've missed it. The flowers are beautiful!I had a Gone With the Wind flash back at Tanasigirl's comment, Lol! This weather! has a mind of its own these days, doesn't it? Looking forward to more posts

  4. Glad you are back on-line for real :) I can smell your beautiful roses right through my computer! We had similar ones in my backyard growing up in Boston. Aren't you clever to make up your own pattern for the scrub hats. They are fabulous! Thank goodness no one was hurt in your storm. It is awful to see all the devastation from the tornadoes. My heart goes out to all those poor people affected. Please stay safe. Seems like it's a bad year so far everywhere. Hope it stops soon.

  5. Wow that is so scary I was wondering how you were doing. Love all of your gardening pictures. Those scrub hats are cute. ;)


  6. Hi from an American living with her South African husband & family South Africa. Found you through A Joyful Chaos. Have you ever read Rhonda Jean's Down to Earth blog

    You'd like all of her knitting inspiration & gardening/simple living. You might already know it. She was voted the No 1 blog in Australia/NZ.

    You have some beautiful photography on your blog. And lovely values.

    In Christ
    Cape Town

  7. too hot to knit, too hot to blog !
    Is it the end of the world?
    tornado then heat wave ! Then saw Christmas fabric at JoAnns !


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