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Thursday, May 30, 2019

Hollering from the Hills

Sorry I had to holler, otherwise, you may not have noticed my post.  ;)
It's been just over a year since I posted, and I have spent some time considering if I would continue or if I had completed that phase of my journey here.  I am, yet, undecided but am here today to share a few pictures and thoughts with you.
Tuberose Begonia
 A feisty, little Carolina Wren has built a nest in this hanging basket of fuchsia.

 There are six eggs, and she is now in set-mode.  I didn't want to start her screeching at me so you'll have to imagine her on the nest.

There's been a lot on my mind during the last year, and I've been encouraged to share a bit of it by several of my readers. (Thank you to all who've contacted me with inquiries as to my health, etc.  You are much appreciated and already know that Goodman and I are in good health, thank the Lord.)

We all have different points of view as we all have different experiences, but some things are just too obvious to ignore, and they are troubling to me, at best.  Healthcare in our country is in a state of glaring change and has been for many years.  It's just a well-paying business to far too many "health professionals."  There are good doctors, yes, but many are not, and the good are too few in number to serve the masses in my opinion.
We dug up several of these little trees from a section of the pasture next to our neighbors' pine tree, but it doesn't smell or appear to be a pine sapling.   We shall see...
We've witnessed unnecessary operations performed for monetary gain many times.  I have personally had a few of those myself, but when I realized what was going on I came fully awake and decided there had to be a change.  Mind you, even though I make & use herbal preparations for myself and my family members, I'm no doctor and am likely as not to misdiagnose an illness that I am unfamiliar with.

  I began searching for help with diagnosing non-life-threatening illnesses, and that search led me to a wonderfully helpful set of books titled Be Your Own Doctor & Be Your Own Doctor II.  The books contain a series of easy-to-read stories that are engaging to read and very handy to have at hand in time of need.  Also, there are recipes and recommendations so readers may, confidently, begin to "doctor" themselves when a professional is not required.

* Disclaimer: The only interest I have in these books is the wealth of information.  I am in no way connected to nor do I receive any monetary gain in any form for anything I say about them.  I'm just one who knows they are worth their weight in gold to me and my family.  If there is any interest I may be back here to share a bit of the instances where they have saved us from the surgeon's scalpel.

Have a lovely rest of the week, y'all!