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Friday, September 21, 2012

Yay For Old And Cranky

 We were out browsing antique stores last weekend when this little wooden sewing machine case caught my eye.

Nope, I wasn't kidding about old or cranky. This little gem is a 1915 Model 99 hand-crank Singer. I'd actually used one similar to this one long, long ago. We were living in Germany at the time, and a friend had lent me hers for a day or so. I swooned over it the whole time I had it in my possession.

 Many years have passed since then, and I never once thought I'd see another one. It was covered in dirt and drips and splotches from who-knows-what, but I wanted this machine.  The price was very reasonable, but I hesitated thinking it'd be a waste if it didn't work. Goodman said he could probably fix whatever might be wrong so I took her home. Well, after a good cleaning and a lot of adjusting she works just fine.

 There's a small compartment on the side for accessories. All that was in there was some needles and two bobbins. Still I'm thrilled. I hope to find some more bobbins and a belt since this machine can, also be used with a treadle cabinet.

The serial number was still intact so I was able to get the date of manufacture from the Singer site.

I sewed these lil white pumpkin pincushions on it earlier. Who knew white pumpkins were so cute? o.O

 Hope y'all have a splashin' good weekend!
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Friday, September 14, 2012

Lovin' Fall in the Foothills

This purple wildflower growing in the pasture is ironweed.

It's been used to dye wool a green color so I, actually, gathered some and prepared a dyebath for a skein of wool, but it didn't take. I don't know what went wrong as I followed the directions closely - Oh well... it's a beautiful plant regardless.

Meantime,  I gathered some appropriate fabrics for a little project.

 I used the directions at  to make some fall themed pincushions, changing the stem appropriately for a pumpkin.  For each pincushion just cut and sew the small, rectangular strips of fabric, as directed, (By hand if you like since there is very little sewing to be done.) together at the ends then cinch with embroidery thread to form the pumpkin shape.  This project is so easy I think young girls would enjoy it, too.

I love it when something useful like a pincushion looks good and can be used for decoration, also.

 I used a dried shoot from our Bartlett pear tree for the stems, but you can use any type you have available or even pieces cut from a 3/4 to 1-inch wooden dowel. Just saw the branch or dowel into 1-inch pieces and hot-melt glue them in place.  I think they look much better than using felt for stems.

As you can see they must be quite fun to make as I did get carried away a bit.

 For now they're gracing the dry sink in my kitchen. I'll probably let them out to earn their keep as the real pincushions they are when I bring out my big ceramic Thanksgiving turkey and put it in their place.
Update:  Most of these have been gifted out and are being used as pincushions now. :)

All summer long this li'l bird, an American Goldfinch has watched from the top of the pear tree for other birds at the birdbath to clear away before diving for a drink. He's so timid and watchful.

 And a beauty.
Have a wonderful week! And don't worry about a thing - it's ALL in God's plan. :)

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