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Monday, May 21, 2007

Mid-May KAL

Here ' my impatiens a heart attack. (I must pot them today; they've waited so patiently while I ignored them.) It'll be interesting to see what the pattern of the cloth is called. *
Come close...very close. :)) I'm surprised my camera cooperated so well on this one. Hmm...maybe I'll read the manual again.

A red one, too? No, I was playing around taking pictures with the cloth pinned to a sheer curtain. I wanted to see light through the yarn overs...this one was taken with the flash on the camera covered...not too bad in red though I have to say. :))
*update, Stepping Stones it is.


  1. looks great
    I'm finishing up my last few rows right now :)
    I really love that blue its so pretty

  2. I really like the blue that you used. They both look real nice.

  3. It's very pretty and it would look good in red I also did mine in blue. Nice job.

  4. It's really pretty! I love the blue!

  5. Very pretty... especially the contast between the impatiens and the deep blue! I love pictures with flowers and knitting :) That is one gorgeous photo!!

    happy knitting :)


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